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“Unity versus separation - Looking for European Identity”
Start date: Jan 15, 2015, End date: Jul 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Unity versus separation - Looking for European Identity? - With this title we wanted to get a common look on the current situation in Europe and the European Union. In our point of view It is quite frightening to see in how many European countries, groups and political parties who are quite critical towards Europe, are getting stronger and stronger. The "True Finns" in Finland are getting more support mainly in rural areas. The AFD (Alternative for Germany) has managed to be voted into three federal parliaments. In Great Britain a segregation of Scotland has been avoided quite narrowly. But there will be a referendum in UK about resigning from the EU in 2017. Groups like UKIP, who are extremly critical towards EU, are strenghtening more and more. In Spain separatistic organizations in Catalonia and Basque country are continuing to be more active and the Spanish government seems not to have a convincing concept, how to deal with this. The Ucraine-crisis adds fuel especially in eastern Europe. There is fear that segregation and cancellation of structures is more likely to happen than further integration. In all these developments, European Union did not present herself in a satisfactory manner. There was not a clear concept and dispute, when setting up the new European Commission, which did not look very professional. Keeping all this in mind, in our meeting we wanted with 54 youngsters (18-25) and team members to look for things which unify Europe - which are suitable to show European Identity and which have to be pushed to the forground again. National points of view from the participating countries have been taken exemplarily into a common discussion. We hopde that we were able to give new direction to Europe from the point of view of young People. The following activities have been used in our meeting: 1) Getting to know each other / group dynamics, partnerinterview, Town rallye, icebreaking games, Party second evening 2) cultural exchange (presentations and national evenings) 3) input of information relating to the topic (presentation of essays, local research, guest speaker) 4) working on common results (work in small groups, afterwards presentation in plenum 5) transformation of results in products which are suitable for dissemination (newspaper, video, ppt, radio show, public action) - workshops with methods which are appropriate for young people; volunteers and young people feel responsible for the shape of the workshop 6) excursion day / sight seeing 7) evening programs in common responsibility 8) presentation of workshop-results / public action show in town / dissemination of results / radoi show 9) evaluation 10) Last day - International Diner and fair well evening
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