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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As a result of a previous Youth Exchange the participants identified a series of problem they are experiencing as youth. They identified that as youth they don’t have much say in what is happening in policy and especially those from small countries who feel that as a country they have no say in the policies of the EU. Not only do young people of these countries feel powerless when it comes to how their lives are affected by different policies but the crisis in the EU has affected their employment options and again they feel there is no solution for the problems, at least not from their hands. The project identified specific problems related to youth in the partner countries and looked at methods to overcome these problems in a uniform way that can be used across the EU. We looked at different solutions for problems like youth unemployment, education and methods to enhance skills and help young people become more employable and at the same time allow young people to be more active in their community and in the EU. We explored the true meaning of a unified EU and how important it is for each member and each citizen to work together for a stronger more unified EU. Each partner in the project identified problems specific to their country and also worked on solutions in helping young people and also in finding methods to bring the EU closer together to work together to be more unified to build a stronger more unified EU. We have also included Turkey in the project to give us an added element to the project as a candidate country to the EU allowing us to see the perspectives of young people outside of the EU and perhaps learning from their methods and also promoting the EU model to them. Once all the information was collected the groups of young people got together for the project activity to discuss all the issues in detail and work on solutions for these problems allowing for sharing of knowledge and cultural exchanges. There is a global crisis going on and the EU is equally affected by this crisis. Sadly, though many young people from different countries are feeling the effects of the crisis and many are beginning to lose hope in the EU system because they feel that they are excluded from the EU support system. Young people are unable to find employment, and mobility options are growing less and less and young people are losing hope in a unified Europe. This project gave hope to the young participants and more so to those who have learned from the outcomes of the project and have learned about amazing EU tools available to youth and also how the EU should work and how important their roles are in the EU. Our project looked at the crisis and the problems that young people are experiencing, we looked at the various tools the EU offers youth to overcome these difficult times. We asked the question of how the common currency benefitted us or has it caused problems? Is it really the right choice for all of us? How can we work together as youth of EU countries to make our EU work for us and help us achieve our goals?
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