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United in Diversity
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project will gather 38 young people from 6 european countries for 8 days in Snina, Slovakia. Youngsters coming from countries with different cultures and backgrounds will bring their valuable experience into the project. Our main priority is to improve ability of an empathy and understanding of young people, to enhance real interest about thinking and feeling of a person, who is going through his personal problems and difficulties. He senses these problems with feats, worries, doubts, insecurity and many other emotions. Our role is to clarify and to give an idea about a difficult life and about problems related with inclusion into the Society of these people who often face attacks from the Society itself. We have decided to focus on topics of migration and xenophobia, not because of their present situation, but mainly because of their seriousness. We feel a need of informing young people about those problems right by Erasmus+ programme. It offers opportunities of Non-Formal Education, which in youth's eyes is being perceived as truly effective way of learning. Activities were designed in order to offer to young people theoretical knowledge gained by NFE methods, such as workshops, role-plays, excursion, and help them to apply these competences into the practice of real life. We have also considered a fact that every individual person receives and process information in different way. Thus activities are suitable for all different learning styles and approaches.We have decided to make this youth exchange specific and unforgettable thanks to Usage of digital tools - in particular by creating a movie. The movie is being created as a Technical miracle - the youngest, synthetic and audiovisual type of art, which main attribute is iconicism. Activities are aimed on creation of interesting materials (films, clips) as an input, what we will use as valuable outputs in later project phases. The project gives a space for enforcement of intelligence and talents of all participants involved:Creativity - recording and editing audiovisual material. Mathematics, logic - lectures about migrants, spatial orientation; calculation, booking and reimbursing travel costs. Linguistic intelligence - opportunity to present and express one's own opinion and to elaborate and prepare presentations. Kinetic intelligence - excursions, energizers, icebreakers. Intersocial intelligence - activities aimed on group dynamics, team-building activitiesThe aims of the project are the following:- To raise general awareness of the participants regarding the topics: xenophobia, migration- To develop sense of social inclusion, abilities of empathy, respect, tolerance, solidarity towards individuals and groups that are exposed to attacks from the society - To promote understanding of the possible personal impacts of belonging to a certain minority or cultural group in the society - To obtain new knowledge in the area of cultural diversity- To help to eliminate prejudice, stereotypes and fear of the unknown - To acquire new skills in the domain of filming, camera work, film techniques, video editing, sound- To raise awareness of inequality of opportunities in the society and to provide information on the impact of the exclusion of individuals or groups- To evoke cultural sensitivity and tolerance- To promote intercultural cooperation and partnerships - To identify the competences which might be acquired, and their subsequent Youthpass certification
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