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United Europe and Its Many Faces

In the application our goal was to examine what our common European identity and culture is. We wanted to find out about similarities and differences in music and arts. We wanted to examine the effects of glabalization and propose common acts for climate change and global warming problems. We also wanted to enhance the knowledge of the EU institutions.Under the project title “Europe and Its Many Faces” we had six conferences during the two years. The conferences were rotating, in other words there was one conference per country. From each country 2-3 teachers ( sometimes also a headmaster) and 5-7 pupils participated in a conference. Thus the hosting school had about 35 pupils and 12 teachers (in average) visiting the school.The organized conferences and their themes were the following:Helsinki, Finland: The planning conference 22.-25.10.2008 Marburg, Germany Theme: music 3.-8.3.2009 Paris, France Theme: Global warming, also evaluation Porto, Portugal Theme:Languages 10.-15.11.2009 Gagliari, Italy Theme: Globalization 9.-14.3.2010Larissa, Greece EU-Institutions, also evaluation 4.-9.5.2010The hosting school had the responsibility to organize the event and the visiting schoolsdid a lot of preparatory work around the themes. During the conference the schools introduced themselves and the work they had prepared in their own schools around the theme. The conferences included presentations, workshops, group work, cultural events and visits, visiting the lessons and getting to know the hosting school and family.
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