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UNITED: connecting people for a better future - Italy 2015
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Oct 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “UNITED: connecting people for a better future - Italy 2015” was a youth exchange that has gathered 45 people (40 youngsters (10 for each country) aged 14-16, and a total of 5 group leader for the partner organizations), coming from different European countries. It took place in Todi from 7 -15 july 2015. The objectives of the project were: • analysing the situations in the involved countries thanks to the involved groups; • developing critical thinking; • exchange experiences betwen young people's use of ICTs, laying the foundation of a healthy and safe use of the Net and in particular way of the Social Networks, as basis to eradicate the phenomenon of Cyberstalking among youngsters; • sharing concerns about Cyberstalking to identify and prevent it, reflecting on the differences and similarities among young people from four countries in the use of ICTs; • reflecting on the role of peer-to-peer information as a tool both for youth organization and for diffusing the use of safe Internet. One particular result of the activities carried out was a video contest where participants produced short videos with their smart phone about cyberstalking/cyberbullying and shared them with their friends and peers in their countries of origin.

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