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Unite Against Discrimination, Fight Against Islamophobia
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "UNITE - Unite Against Discrimination, Fight Against Islamophobia" will take place in Berlin, Germany between the dates of 19-29 September 2015 with the participation of 23 youth worker, youth leader and human rights activists in total from 10 different countries and the participation of facilitators, speechmakers, experts on human rights and various actors. Within the scope of the project, the problems of violations of human rights, discrimination and xenophobia that exist in these 10 countries and the problems of Islamophobia and Hate Speech that exist in Europe shall be tackled by the participants coming from France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Palestine, Lebanon, Tunisia; and workshops, thematic sessions, discussions and trainings that will allow the young participants have the competences of advocates of human rights shall be provided and their awareness on these issues will therefore be increased. Through the group work sessions, young people participating in this project will discuss about the solutions for these problems and design the sustainability activites that they might carry out within the scope of the project when they go back to their countries. In addition to these activities, it will be ensured that the youth participating in our project shall have deeper and more concrete information about Islamophobia and "No Hate Speech" project with the help of detailed reports on these issues and have the opportunity to ask about the questions in their minds during the field trips. Moreover, a certificate which our participants will be able to use in case of deciding to work in this area in the future will be given. The most important outcome of the project which will allow it to make a name for itself will be a blog with the same name to be created and sustained completely by the participants of our project. This blog shall be actualized with the experiences of the participants during the project and shall grow and improve in line with the follow-up activities they will carry out when they go back to their countries. The participants which will be representing the organizations of 10 different countries will prepare one country presentation per each country including the issues of violations of human rights, discrimination, xenophobia, hate speech, Islamophobia in their countries within the preparation process they will start before coming and they will share these presentations with all the other participants during the project. Again, the participants will go out on the streets and ask about the questions determined together with them about the violations of human rights to their locals, friends, colleagues in their own languages and they will share with the other participants the versions of these videos which will have subitles in English. After this project which is expected to have the sense of a training of advocated of human rights, our participants coming from 10 different cultures and countries will share the knowledge, skills and competences they will receive throughout the project to other young people in their countries and therefore more young people than our actual number of participants will be able to obtain the same knowledge provided in our Training Course. The complete aim of this project is to make young people with different religions and cultures create solutions for the issues mentioned above and make them disseminate this awareness in the same way through other young people in their countries by accomplishing this project by getting rid of their prejudices. During the whole project, non-formal education methods shall be pursued and the active participation of all the participants of our project shall be ensured through parallel workshops and various intercultural learning activities. When the differences of the 10 countries to participate in our project considered, our project shall properl ensure the aims of youth participation and intercultural dialogue which are in the center of our Association's name. UNITE - Unite Against Discrimination, Fight Against Islamophobia shall establish a brand new bridge of youth and lay brand new foundations about ending Islamophobia, Hate Speech and Discrimination that are arising in Europe right on time, right in the heart of Europe.
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