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Unguvu! Strengthening between European and african YNGOs
Start date: Dec 1, 2010,

The project strongly aims to implement concrete actions addressing the following priorities: participation of young people, cultural diversity, inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, global issues affecting young people such as the Millennium Development Goals and strengthening the Euro-African dialogue, exchange and cooperation in the field of youth. In particular the project develops a series of activités that can be put under the theme of partnership projects between European and African Youth NGOs. The objectives are: to support volunteers and youth workers with training and information to motivate them to develop and deliver improved partnership projects, in an environment of collaboration between Europe and Africa; encourage YNGOs to reflect on the needs and the challenges of Euro-Africa Youth partnerships and then to take actions to review strategies and methodologies of management and facilitate a transfer of knowledge to young empowered, motivated, confident and skilled volunteers. Therefore, the project provides the space for sharing and challenging concepts and ways of thinking, exploring possibilities and developing new knowledge and practice on youth partnerships between European and African YNGOs. 35 participants from 13 countries will take part in the project, attending the different planned activities: 3 Coordinating Team meeting (in Brussels, Nairobi and Jambville), 1 Tool working group meeting (in Nairobi), 2 workshops (Dakar and Rieneck). Moreover the participants will be engaged during the whole duration of the project in on line work contribution and communication and each partner organisation will organise specific national consultations that will be used to build up the two planned products. Each young participant will have the opportunity to take part in the coordinating team, the team working on the tool as there will be calls open or democratic decision taken during the workshops.In order to ensure the high visibility of the project and its results, participants will also attend other international youth events. Tangible results for the partners are: a clear overview for all the partners on strategies, methodologies and experiences on North South partnerships; improvement of the actual partnershisps in terms of capacity, managment and training and increase of the number of partnerships between other European and African scout organisations; increase of the number of skilled volunteers taking part in partnership projects; a training module that can be used to train new volunteers using the Manual for Training produced in the project; increase of awareness of the Youth in Action programme by the partners. The following products will be developed: Guidelines and Manual for Training on partnerships; a website; a final report. Dissemination is planned to happen through 5 different channels: with other scout organisations, with other YNGOs, at national level by each partners, on line, via EU institutions. The overall project is designed by and for multipliers who will be strengthened in their capacity for developing sustainable and youth focused partnership projects. Impact is foreseen at the level of the actual partnerships that partners in the project are undertaking but also, thanks to the diffusion of the two tools that will produced, to other volunteers and youth workers in other YNGOs that will be informed of the project's results.

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