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Start date: Dec 1, 2011,

Activity dates:09-18/02/2012Where:Vrnjacka banja/SerbiaPartner countries:RS,RO,BA,MK,PL,TR,XK,IT,GR,AL,MD,PT,ME,IL,LVHost organization:NGO"THE WORLD OF WORDS" UNDERTAKE! INITIATE! APPLY!is a TC (which participates 30 participants from 15 countries)whose main project goal is to support the development of basic knowledge and experience in the domain of entrepreneurial business and entrepreneurial culture, with the young, as one of eight key elements in the development of civil society based on learning and education.Specific goals:Initiating the development of entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial atmosphere amongst young people so that they would become active citizens in their own community,Helping young people to develop personal qualities such as self-initiative,self-confidence,innovation and creativity,ability for a team work,responsibility,willingness to take a risk and motivation for achievements,Getting knowledge and skills needed for development of a business plan with its key elements,Reducing unemployment with the young as the social category with the highest risk for poverty and social exclusion.Key topics are:Significance of development of small and medium enterprises for the economy of the community,team work and the ability for team work,changing of established mental habits,developing the potential and creativity in thinking through creative work techniques,elements of a business plan, development of a business ideas,personal qualifications knowledge,skills,people network;product service matrix,reasons for purchasing, competition,profitability assessment;Need for investments,fixed costs,operating budget,financial sources;critical factors,list of liabilities.Activities are implemented by active work methods – through workshops,working in groups and in a team on group assignments as well as resolving problems, group discussions and presentations.All activities are to receive media coverage.
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