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Understanding the European Union in the 21st Century
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Improving the understanding of the EU and the European integration process is necessary to consider the changes that have occurred both at European and international level and globally. The action of the EU is increasingly affecting our lives as EU citizens. Accordingly to this main aim, the “Understanding the European Union in the 21st century” project is clearly guided to promote the diffusion and implication among our students and citizens, in general, of the European affairs. Particularly, we find very interesting researching about questions related with territorial organization at the EU´s level (federalism, dual or cooperative federalism, subsidiarity, competences, etc.) and the institutional organization (presidential v. parliamentarian system, democracy, fundamental rights and liberties, etc.). In others words, the UE is not an abstract institution or idea, but it impacts our daily lives in diverse fields. This Jean Monnet Chair also serves to strengthen the line of work initiated in 2004 when prof. Celso Cancela was awarded a Jean Monnet Module: Studying European Union from politics and regional perspective. Then another second module examined the EU from the perspective of political integration.After the experience of these 2 Jean Monnet modules, the applicant for this Chair, who is a permanent staff member of the Uvigo, aims to deepen understanding of European integration among society from a comparative and global perspective.The main objectives for this Chair, that has full support from the UVigo and the Jean Monnet Cross-Border Centre of Excellence of the UVigo, are: to stimulate teaching and reflection on the European integration, to enhance knowledge and awareness among students and citizens underlining the importance of the Europeans actions in our daily lives, to promote the debate on diverse and different questions related with the EU and to fill a gap in the UVigo studies, specially in the degree of management and public administration.
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