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Understanding the Beats II - Embracing European cultural diversity
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jan 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Understanding The beats II - Embracing European cultural diversity" is the new project. The discussions that we have had in Portugal about the last project helped us to identify the needs and the desires of young people about knowing more about each country and identify the common elements. The partnership sees that the work we plan to do links strongly with the Inclusion and Cultural Diversity Strategy, that sets out to embrace and celebrate diversity so that difference becomes a positive source for learning rather than the cause for negative competition and prejudice. Young people should be equipped with the necessary competences to manage and work with diversity. This will encourage positive interactions between people of all walks of life and ultimately improve the situation of young people with fewer opportunities. In order to walk towards this aim, the concrete objectives of the project are to:- Bring young people together in a safe environment to learn from each others cultures and traditions and “perform together”- Getting empowered through learning about musical and artistic expression- Learning about cultural habits and history of different countries- Learning to work in an international group in order to create a performance as one group as a result- Using video as a tool for realizing cultural differences and similarities- Rediscovery and promotion of traditional ancestral values by involving young people in activities related to local folklore- Developing skills to achieve popular specific material- Awakening the interest and curiosity of young people towards the development of national cultural values- Improving the communication abilities in a foreign language - Overcoming personal and individual challenges in a group"We have two activities (youth exchanges) in this project. First in Romania in beginning of September 2016, when we go deeper to our cultures, plan together a common presentation and do appearances equipments for that. Second step is in Finland in July 2017, where we get to know Nordic culture and have a common presentation in the Finnish summer event. "Ebracing cultural diversity in Romania" - Ramnicu Sarat, Romania 4.-11.9.2016 - 36 young people + 6 youth workers:In Romania the program will will be focusing on making traditional masks, they will participate at a gathering grapes activity and they will learn the stages of making wine, a traditional element in the region they will visit. In the non-formal workshops young people will make, they will present different cultural practices and traditions and will use interactive methods for understanding the differences and the similarities and will improve their cultural relations. Young people will have the opportunity to understand the cultures and the identity for exchanges of experience and will learn about the traditions and will create interesting friendships and will finding common support. The program provides a series of theoretical games and practical trainings and discussions about cultural identity in European countries. The cultural and natural attractions visits will be a part of enriching the cultural knowledge. The working methods wished by the yong people: make handicraft and art, music, dance, games, baking, group works, taking photos and making video. "Embracing cultural diversity in Finland " - Nurmes & Juuka, Finland 14.-23.7.2017 - 36 young people + 6 youth workers:In Finland the we go deeper to our cultures and traditions, on the level of daily life and try to find similarities of it from different parts of Europe. Another part is to have positive challenges in nature, and overcoming as group. The exchange will have the first day in Helsinki, as it is difficult to travel one day to the area the young people come from. Later in the program we will stay in Hyvärilä youth centre, but also in families of the finnish young people to get to know their daily life. IN the workshops, he young people will take time to collect all the materials, videos, photos and art created in the previous exchange, and edit and work them to become an exhibiton facebook and in the local towns (Nurmes and Juuka) Youth plan presentation and make a masks for it in Romania, as well as the songs from Portugal (previous project). In Finland will be the final presentation. Youth make make photos and make a short films to youtube about the exchanges. The working methods wished by the yong people: Nature and adventure tasks, art, music, dance, games, baking, group works, taking photos and making video.These results will be presented in Finland in the last days of the exchange in an exhibition hosted in Juuka and Nurmes, where there will be videos, photos, dance, songs and art / handicrafts produced as a result of the project. We will invite local media, and use the networks of our partners to spread the results.
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