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Una isla en Europa: esencia de tres contientes
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project arises from the reality that we find in our daily teaching practice and the need to give an appropriate response to these challenges to influence not only teachers but also students and their families. We look for an impact that unifies teachers with many concerns about a common project. We are convinced of the suitability of this project due to the magnificent reception among our teachers, their involvement and enthusiasm.As it is known, Lanzarote is a prime tourist destination known worldwide for its natural beauty, but it is not only the service sector what the island and its inhabitants offer. In this project, we prioritize the extensive intercultural relationship perceived on our students, so we need some communication and exchange at other levels with Europe for acquiring an adequate competence level for our students.Our staff is formed by a significant number of older teachers and its renewal has recently been promoted, which gives the centre a restless spirit. The 25% of the staff, a total of 12 teachers, is part of this project and has a large group of supporters. It is relevant that the project has involved all levels, including Infant Education and also all the specific areas, which is a rewarded fact and ensures a wide circulation.Since this is the first project of this nature, activities will be focused on training activities for teachers who disseminate the methodology to perform with students . A priority will be to get European partners to increase these key actions and also to extend the benefits of the Erasmus + programme to our students directly.Concisely, the methodology of this project is based on the implementation of key actions to enhance the training for teachers. Among them, our objectives are focused on improving the English language competence due to the development of the CLIL programme; expanding our knowledge about the possibilities of new technologies applied to education due to our students’ social needs; and experimenting new methodologies to continue with the work of the Mus-e project. As mentioned above, this project will always take place with a participatory and collaborative methodology from our staff and from a clear and democratic point of view on its development.Like any project, we hope that the results are a true reflection of the concerns identified by our staff and students, hoping, on the one hand, to meet the objectives of the activities, and on the other, to achieve the objectives of dissemination and internationalization both creating strategic alliances and generating European projects and especially encouraging to our students a better access to meaningful learning. In this way, the expected impact will be of great caliber and varied, enabling us to resume key actions, providing adequate strategies to students and getting positive feedback from the broadcast according to our objectives.We want to achieve competent students in English, who are able to properly integrate into the environment in which they get along and who acquire knowledge according to current requirements. All this will directly impact on both students’ working and social skills and abilities and, therefore, on family life improvement, which is a priority for our teachers.

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