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Una Escuela de todos y para todos
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Pepe Ruiz Vela Secondary High School is the only secondary School and Post­Compulsory education centre in Villaverde del Rio.The number of students amounts to 575 distributed among the different teaching modalities offered by our centre: compulsory secondary education, four different modalities of Bachillerato (Post­ Compulsory Education), 1 Trainning ( Electric and Automatic Installations and Comunications Assistant) and Medium Level Trainning Cycle (Automatic and Electric Installations). Every year,our high school has 580 students and 52 teachers approximately. Since we are the only Secondary School in the town, we are a very important academic, sports and cultural reference. There is a constant collaboration with the two local Primary Schools. We are coordinated in all those aspects related to the curriculum. There is also what we may call tansition programme adressed to all those students in the last year of Primary School, it is intended to minimize the effects of the change from Primary to Secondary education and to improve academic results. The local council is always willing to collaborate with the different projects and programmes promoted by our high school, especially with those devoted to prevent desertion of studies and absenteeism, as well as with all the proposals dealing with social and academic needs of our students.During the school year 2013­2014 we started a new stage of work in our high school. We have established new objectives addressed to improve the academic results of our students, focusing on disruptive behaviour and mediation and dealing with their academic needs. We have carried out the following actions, so far: curricular reinforcement programmes, flexible groups, curricular adaptations of a group of subjects belonging to the same field and applied to a group of students with some specific learning needs, divesification of students and vocational training, after school tutoring lessons , community service, growing our school vegetable garden, a cooperative shop, mediation groups, and different projects on basic competences and emotional intelligence.Our main objective is delving into those actions aimed at improving behaviour, attention to diversity and the ways of dealing with those students with specific learning problems and needs. Therefore, we need trained professors to implement all these new strategies and educational practices.We have devised a Plan de Desarrollo Escolar. This document lists and describes the educational needs of our centre. We have also planned a gradual intervention on each of them along a period of five years. This Plan, included in an attached document, describes those aspects we have regarded as imperative for the next two years.1) How to deal with disruptive behaviour.2) Attention to diversity and students with specific learning needs.3) Improvement on desertion of studies rates.4) Innovative educational practices.In order to implement this project we need 8 teachers with a dynamic profile and concerned with our High school and all the objectives described in our Plan de Desarrollo Escolar. The teachers involved in this project should teach in the 1 Secondary Education and speak a foreign language.With all these activities we are trying to give a response to some of the needs described in the Plan de Desarrollo Escolar , such as the prevention of school dropout, non­formal education, how to deal with social inclusion and diversity, and the new educational model.We expect this new project to have a positive effect on our students' academic results, and on their social context , through the different evaluation activities previoulsy presented thoughout this form.
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