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Un Système de Capitalisation européen de transfert de Crédit : une innovation dans les métiers du développement territorial
Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

The ECT2S SE project aims to facilitate compatibility, comparability and complementarity between ECVET/ECTS certification systems within the various national systems of the countries taking part in the consortium by building on the key skills of territorial development occupations. The main aim of the project is to design, implement and experiment with an approach, a method and a series of evaluation tools to help to link the two credit systems (ECVET/ECTS) within territorial development occupations. First we will conduct a comparative study of the certification systems in each country of the consortium, and then we will prepare a matrix, which will serve as a common denominator to help ensure consistency between the ECVET and ECTS systems. This matrix will describe its underlying design and evaluation approach and propose evaluation procedures and tools, as well as the environment required for implementing them to ensure consistency between the ECTS/ECVET systems. This should pave the way for these two systems to merge over time. The main impacts expected from the project are to:- help streamline two European certification systems that are currently designed differently and employ different evaluation methods;- propose elements to facilitate the recognition of credits and their transfer from one system to the other (ECTS/ECVET);- exploit the diversity of pathways and recognise all credits accumulated in both non-formal and informal systems by allocating ECTS and ECVET to assess what has been learned in either setting;- facilitate geographical mobility within territorial development occupations by harmonising credit allocation systems;- facilitate professional mobility within a family of occupations by creating links between vocational certification and certification provided by higher education.
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