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Un stage en Europe pour une ouverture professionnelle et culturelle 2015-2016
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Fortified by its two year- experience of work placement subsidized by the European Union, the MFR of Bernay en Champagne proposes 3 week work placements in Europe to its pupils. The 19 pupils in last year of vocational training in management of a farm will again carry out a 3 week work placement in Belgium and the 42 pupils in last year of professional training in services to persons and territories will leave in Romania. So as to meet the agricultural field needs, the French school has to take into account the following observations: the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) is now the tool which helps the agricultural development in the 28 member states. To have a European awareness, the young people have to be able to discover foreign farming. That’s why the development of Belgian work placements for our students in the agricultural field is essential, it will promote their mobility and independence, the learning of new methods of farming management and practices. For our training in services to persons, we are trying to take more into account the needs of the professional s and of our pupils to adjust our training to the current situation. The European mobility must enable to reinforce this goal by bringing a professional and cultural openness to the pupils. Our school has been in partnership with the Belgian farming school of La Reid for 10 years. We organize work placements thanks to their network of farms. In Romania, we created a partnership with the school of Buzau which helps us to find work placements. For our project in Belgium and in Romania, we defined aims for 3 publics: the pupils, the MFR and its team. The aims of the project for the pupils follow two lines: professional and cultural openness to become a good professional, a good adult and a good European citizen. Concerning the MFR, our goals aim at reinforcing our European dimension by opening ourselves to European institutions and reinforcing our relationships with local companies. This project must also enable to involve more the families and to put the young people in the heart of their professional process. For the pedagogical team, the project develops interdisciplinary work. It involves the whole team and gives the opportunity to discover another culture. It enables the trainers to open themselves to new professional methods and pedagogical tools. Our project, linked to these goals, consists in preparing the pupils for this 3 week work placement, checking that they are well accompanied by tutors who will make them carry out professional and cultural activities on personal and collective times. Further to the project, the main effects expected for the pupils are linked to professional discovery, improvement of mobility and independence and the validation of professional projects. It must also bring them a cultural openness and an awareness concerning their European citizenship. For the team and the MFR, the project must reinforce the team work, develop the trainers’ skills and intensify and make durable the partnerships in France, in Belgium and in Romania. In the long run, we think this project will help to improve the knowledge between European citizens and make the fears and prejudices disappear.
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