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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Focused on the training of "office technician" and "receptionist and administrative assistant", the economy sector, six schools gathered in a consortium with the CCGPE- DGEO, will participate in this project and send 68 students, supervised by training professionals, for a three-week course in another European country, this is, MALTE. Young beneficiaries are enrolled in the final year of the 3rd degree of their vocational education, final phase of their initial training. At the end of the school year, they will receive a Qualification Certificate (CQ) attesting their ability to work as an "office technician" or "receptionist and administrative assistant ". The term "office technician" is a generic term covering various administrative tasks whose function is mainly to collect, verify, sort, enter, treat, process, display data and send written and oral information, manually and/or with an electronic or computer equipment; communicate in a foreign language. The contents of the tasks vary according to the locations of the activity. The domain of office automation is a sector which goes beyond the borders of a country. The skills and the skills acquired by a student during his/her training in the French Community can be exercised abroad. These skills will be recognized and validated. Within the framework of this project, the members of the consortium wanted to favor the complete language immersion of their pupils because it is practically impossible for the trainees to find an internship in Belgium in English language. This project will allow pupils to directly face the reality of the European employment market, within their professional sector. To set up such a project represents movement from theory to practice. Through their welcome partners, Paragon Europe (channel partner for 6 schools) and EEC-ITIS Malta Tourism and Languages Institute Ltd ( 1 school), pupils will be placed in different Maltese hotels so that they are able to reach the project main goals. They will work at the Hotel reception and administrative offices in order to reinforce their linguistic competences (English skills) and the management of the computer tools. These tasks will naturally be in agreement with the skills they need to master during their training. This internship will also favor self-assessment, the development of social skills and autonomy, as well as opening to diversity and a different culture. The preparation of the pupils will be taken in charge by those partners sending them abroad (by strengthening the English skills before the internship) and those partners who welcome the pupils (by allowing a course of a few hours at the end of the day, if there is a request). The realization of the internship itself will benefit from the presence of coaches stemming from the partners of sending who will make the connection between the trainees and the partners of welcome. They will take in charge the evaluation of the internship, the learning outcomes (on the basis of the grid of competences drafted by the whole consortium) as well as the integration of the result into the Belgian program of every beneficiary. The final report will be drafted under the supervision of the Mobility cell. The delivery of the Europass mobility, the Curriculum vitae Europass and the passport of languages to the beneficiaries, will take place during an official ceremony organized by the CCGPE DGEO. The results of this consortium will be integrated in all the actions carried out under the Mobility cell supervision and communicated by the CCGPE DGEO to the national authorities. The expected impacts are: positive effects on the drop-out rate by making learning more meaningful; the acquisition of the skills which will contribute to the obtaining of a diploma by the pupils; the pursuit of studies and the practice of a language ; improvement of the employability thanks to a bigger competitiveness; greater awareness of the European citizenship; the evolution of the project of establishment; the promotion of the technical and professional education; the promotion of the training in the eyes of the local companies; the continued education by the teachers, mainly at the level of the teaching of languages and the use of new technological tools; the commitment of other sections in this type of internship; the image of a constantly evolving school, internationally-oriented, which does not rest on its already acquired assets but joins in an European approach of interaction between the school and the world of enterprise. We shall aim, as much as possible, at the transfer of processes, organization, skills and methods imported from abroad at the organizational, pedagogical and educational levels. All members of the Consortium aim at the sustainability of the collaboration between the different partners.
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