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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea of the project plan was created during a friendly Czech-Slovak youth ice hockey tournament. Players themselves from both hockey clubs, HC AZ Havířova and hockey club Trnava came with the idea of teaching first aid during the tournament to be educated in this field and be able to help their friends, not only on the ice in case of injury, but also to know how to respond to these situations in their everyday life. We found out players do not orient in this field at the present, they do not know how to behave in such critical situation. The aim of the project is the education in the field of first aid, health care system in a foreign country, the possibility to react to situations related to the needs of medical components in another country, to be able to use the acquired knowledge and skills in everyday life, language skills - reducing language barriers between the youth of neighbouring countries (CZ-SVK) and developing of teamwork. These goals are followed by the related contribution in the field of personal development of young people, mutual integration of young people of both countries, making new friends, gaining new cross-border contacts, learning about new cultures. There will be implemented two activities in the project. The subject of both planned activities is a common sports-educational residence of young people engaged in hockey. The actual goal of the activities will be the same and will copy the goals of the project. The target group will be different where youth will exchange after 10 days. The depth of the educational part of the program will be tailored to participants' ages. Activity no. 1 is intended for a target group of young people aged 13-17 years, activity no. 2 for the target group of 18-30 year olds will be discussed in greater depth, according to the age of the participants. The range of target group of the project is large, there will be 120 different people. The participants will together learn in field of providing first aid during the activities - theoretical and practical training part. The participants will be divided into mixed teams (CZ-SVK) for the entire duration in which they will be forced to communicate, collaborate and solve a common problem. There will be included games and activities to strengthen teamwork, team sports games (Decathlon mini tournament in football, mini tournament in hockey), language games focusing on vocabulary in various parts of the human body, the aim to facilitate the understanding of the practical parts in the theoretical teaching as well in field of first aid in the program. The final outcome will be the brochure "We can help" that each participant of an action will take and where will be processed the individual topics of first aid by participants in collaboration with medical of event. All activities replicate their basic common idea - to acquire KNOWLEDGE in first aid, build SKILLS for solving health or life-threatening situations and achieve HABITS. Goals and consequently the impacts as well will affect the target groups on both sides of the border. The international impact of the project is due to the involvement of a foreign partner in a common project. This will break down the language barriers between the youth of both neighbouring countries whose cultures has gradually alienated throughout history. The project will also contribute to the improvement of living conditions – by effortless integration of Czech and Slovak youth through common activities under the program (participants will be mixed in multinational groups, as mentioned above) to strengthen social ties between participants from both countries. The project will have a positive effect for the participating partners in acquiring new experience with the implementation of an international project that is more difficult in terms of the organization arrangements and will require a high degree of own work responsibilities of each member of the project team. This will initiate international cooperation between partners, it may occur further topics, proposals for cooperation in the future through frequent communications with the applicant.
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