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UMBAU & KO - ecological friendly Construction with Competence

On the basis of a concrete example - energyefficient construction(heat insulation) - a common problem in building industry is dealt with. The project shows how to successfully answer the modificaitons and permanent innovation through opening of the education systems, through comparability and adaptation of standards and more flexibility in VET and further education. Mobility of workers will be increased. The project consists of the following parts: (I) Analyses to prepare the general concept for standards and certification in further education; (II) elaboration of pilot standards, certificaiton requirements and respective VET / training modules; (III) test of the modules and the certification concept; (IV) drafting a common concept on European level (strategy paper); (V) dissemination and transfer and social dialog.The result is a jointly established strategy for qualification and certification, completed by modern training modules (incl. methods and materials)in min. 4 countries, harmonised qualification standards, adapted transparent TNA-guides. For transfer issues, a communication platform is available.
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