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Ukulelefication of Education - Contact Making Seminar
Start date: Feb 9, 2015, End date: Feb 13, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

‘Ukulelefication of Education’ is a movement of organizations and individuals from around Europe that aims to bring change to education, using the ukulele as a metaphor for the various areas of innovation we view as both possible and necessary to achieve in contemporary educational practice. We believe that the education system has to transform from a system built on passing knowledge to learners into a system in which learners are in the center, being responsible for their own learning path and deciding about what, how and when to learn. One of the main consequences of such a change in the education system is the crucial impact of it on the roles of all actors involved; learners, teachers, trainers, administrators, parents, managers, mentors, youth workers. Thus, the objective on the proposed contact making seminar is to create a space for the partners involved in the 'Ukelelefication of Education' to meet, discuss and prepare new initiatives, and to set up and support local, regional or international structures, networks and projects within the “Ukulelefication of Education” - movement that can effect change in education. The eight participants who will be involved in this particular project are practitioners working in the fields of youth work, education and research, with recognized backgrounds in several topics related to educational psychology and sociology, pedagogy, support systems of education and educational politics, educator training, local, regional, national and international partnerships, inclusion groups and active participation. These participants were selected for their expertise, their existing contributions to innovating education and their organizational capacities for reaching future target groups relevant to the Ukelelefication of Education - movement. With this Contact Making Seminar, we want to get closer to "what" we could actually change, "how" it could change and which resources we need to accomplish this. We aim to discover how we might manifest the ideology that informs our work in a more tangible way, (to influence the support systems around learners - their schools, their families, their communities, etc.). All methods used in the contact making seminar will be based upon the principles of non-formal learning and will be adapted on the basis of participants needs. The seminar will be built up as following: 1. Who is here? 2. Setting of individual and collective learning objectives 3. Raising the issues (including inputs brought from the different organisations) 4. Interpretations and Inferences 5. Calibrating and collecting ideas for the future 6. Action Planning 7. Evaluations and Youthpass process As direct impacts of this project we expect to create a reliable partnership and foundation for co-working among the partners of the 6 participating countries. Through establishing this cooperation, we expect to set up concrete initiatives and projects on local, national and international levels that contribute to our vision of educational transformation. Of course, through skills sharing and information exchange, we also expect the overall competencies and knowledge of the partners to be elevated, in particular with regard to educational research and policy, best practices, project development and (of course) the ukulele. The indirect impacts of this contact making seminar and related follow-up activities are potentially quite far-reaching. The partners involved have geographic, intellectual, and methodological diversity, while maintaining a strong, shared ideological identity. The potential in activating extended networks, and the multiplying effect of the initiatives and projects we expect to develop will encourage the involvement of young people and learners in their own learning. The principle of ownership that learners will claim through participation in follow-up activities will be passed on, not only in future incarnations of the Ukelelefication of Education movement, but in each individuals private and professional networks. The tens of people involved in follow-up mobilities or activities will develop and deal with their competencies related to learning and change in education. Finally, the research and development dimension of the project will gather importance evidence, recording valuable experiences for contemporary educational practice and innovation. Furthermore we expect that this project, through the individual work of partner organizations and their extended networks, can contribute to the discussion on educational policy and development on local, regional, national and international levels. By sharing our experience and developing innovative, high-quality activities that illustrate our concept and make it possible to share, we hope to raise the level of discourse on education at all levels. We intend to make the participation in our movement an attractive offer for learners, educators and all people involved in educational exchange.
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