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Új programmal Európába - minőségfejlesztés és nemzetköziesítés a művészeti nevelésben
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of our mobility project is to develop an international relationship, and bring our students closer to European cultural values. Furthermore, our aim is to develop language skills, professional update, and the increasing of the staff number. These factors would enable more international cooperation activities. We would implement these new forms of education and the new parts of the curriculum in our school system with the help of the mobility participants. We would gain further mobility activities with these new factors and improvements.We plan to launch the program Ten Sing, and distribute it in our country. This program will take place within our institution’s Arts Training and includes the socially disadvantaged children.The main activities of the Ten Sing program are music education, choir, comedy and dance. The results of all training will be shown in art festivals.This program offers opportunities to develop children’s talent. Not only for our students, but the youth of our city – especially those who live in disadvantaged situations.We would like to join the YMCA/YWCA (Young Men's Christian Association/ Young Women's Christian Association) organization with the European Ten Sing Association.We need educators who have got the ability to build international relations and can integrate good practises. Overall, we need educators who are able to distribute a multicultural education approach.That is why we want to provide appropiate training for three of our colleagues. 1. Music training for our music teacher. Her areas of expertise are choir conductor, synthesizer keyboard and music teacher. She is one of the leaders of the church youth group. Her courses:• One-week-course for teachers of music, Cheltenham, International Study Programmes. Date: 2th-10th. July 2016. 2. The second selected colleague is the dance and drama teacher. To increase her dramapedagogical knowledge we chose the next course:• Drama in the primary classroom, Southampton, International Study Programmes. In date: 3th-16th July 2016.3. Special language training for the Project Manager who is both the Deputy Director of our school and the Program Manager of the Ten Sing Project. Her language training is implemented in two phases:• General English Course, Oxford, British Study Centres. In date: 4th-15th July 2016. • Intensive English Language Training (for school administrators and teachers of subjects other than English), Scarborough, Anglolang. In date: 24th October – 4th November 2016. Expected results:We will be able to build essential international relations by this Erasmus+ project. The participants’ new skills and experiences will be integrated in our school syllabus. Furthermore, the professional knowledge of the participants will be useful in our Arts School and Ten Sing programmes. The language competence of the Deputy Director will improve significantly. This is a basic pillar of foreign relations. To strengthen the leadership skills is necessary in the development of our Arts School. The addition of new music and drama methods helps expand English language teaching methods, and provides new opportunities in teaching. Professional knowledge, materials, techniques and methods will propagate further trainings in our school, in the city and the region by this mobility program. We would publicize the Erasmus + Program via the internet and media.By this program, we would be much more successful in international relations. Our teachers will be able to help the development of our children not only in our Arts School and in the Ten Sing group but also in any other teaching areas that European school sytems requires.
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