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Ugdymas karjerai - galimybė atsiskleisti mokinio pašaukimui
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Aim of the project is to familiarize with the career guidance programme and its implementation as well as to see how the competences required for career are gained in other countries in order to offer our students the international experience and give the best conditions to develop competences which are needed for a successful self-knowledge, learning, choice of profession and career planning. Needs of the participants: 1. To improve communication and collaboration competences in other countries so that teachers, faced with other cultures, get to know themselves and using their experience motivate students. 2. To improve foreign language skills and gain the experience to participate in international projects so that we can prepare our students to communicate and collaborate in Europe. 3. To improve the competence to motivate students ant to gain international experience as a learning team, so that we are able to motivate students for lifelong learning. 4. To learn how colleagues in other countries integrate teaching for general competences in various subjects. The main criteria for the selection of project participants is the motivation to participate in all phases of the project, also the desire to raise the qualifications in various ways, in different environments. Working group will care for the quality of the project (they will inform teachers in detail about the project activities and expected results; they will organize meetings; initiate reporting, writing self-reflection; mobility contract signing). It is plnaned to visit L'Istituto Comprensivo Federico da Prata school during the first trimester. We will apply the gained knowledge in our school. Before the second mobility, we are going to make a questionnaires to find out what changes have occurred in our work. We are going to share knowledge in Balikesir Fatma Emin Kutvar Anadolu Lisesi school during the second mobility, which is planned in March / April. During mobilities we will: 1. find out what tests and methods are used to show students their personal qualities, talents. We will learn how to apply the activities that encourage students to accept their personal characteristics and to link them with their future profession. 2. find out how the host schools encourage students for lifelong learning, what is as necessary for successful career. The experience of other countries will contribute to the development of internationality in our school. 3. share the experience with foreign teachers and learn new methods how to develop the general competences required for a successful career in the twenty-first century, in Europe without borders. 4. find out young people's attitude to learning and to goals they raise for themselves. During the prject teachers will gain / improve various competences (management, participation in projects, collaborative learning, the use of IT and others.) Exchange of experience will lead to improvement of the quality of education in our and host schools. Participation in Erasmus + will be beneficial for: a ) teachers - participation in the project will help to acquire a higher qualification. International experience will improve communication skills and also foreign language skills. b) students - they will have opportunities to take part in international projects. This will motivate to learn foreign languages and to develop teamwork skills as well as competences required for career life. Projects in eTwinning platform, collaboration with young people in other countries will expand students' horizons and will become one of the most important factors in promoting the intenationality. c) school – environment within the organization will become more modern. Knowledge, gained during job-shadowing, will be integrated into the educational process; international experience will be reflected in educational activities. The most impotant aspects for the growth of the schools will be included in the next year's plan of education. Erasmus + mobility activities will be described in local newspaper and improve the school's image. The quality of the project implemmention will be seen in: • Number of students who are planning career • Improved knowledge and skills of participants • Successful project in eTwinning platform • Use of new teaching methods which develop general competences • Better knowledge of foreign languages • Communication with host schools. To evaluate the success of the project, we are going to organize working group meetings at school. We will discuss project with representatives of the host schools via Skype, social networks. Successful project activities will be described in the school's website, as well as translated into English and shared with the host schools.
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