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Üstün zekalı ve yetenekli öğrencilerin eğitimi için öğretmenlere pedogojik formasyon
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

With an integral perspective based on its principles, our school aims to achieve high-quality, authentic thinking, leadership, participation, transparency and dynamism in the field of education. In going through these targets, one of the main requirements is that our teachers must be equipped with sufficient level of knowledge and skills. On account of the fact that the efforts aimed at education for those with superior skills are in infant stages, this field of activity suffers from many problems. One of these problems is that teachers do not have sufficient knowledge and experience in training of those with superior skills. We believe that offering practicable solution suggestions to these problems would positively affect training efforts made towards those with superior skills in our country. In this regard, opportunities should be created to ensure development and socialization of the people with superior skills in line with their fields of interest and capabilities, which is one of our country’s development targets. The basic road to achieving these efforts is undoubtedly training for trainers who are intended to provide special training for the children with superior skills, by way of self-perpetuation or self-development. Teachers of these children with superior skills should have the capabilities of qualified teachers; what’s more they should get specialized in their fields, and have a deep knowledge in the models, strategies, methods and techniques specially designed for training of the children with superior skills. This principal arising from our school’s needs constitutes the aim of this project. Children with superior skills have different improvement and learning characteristics than their peers. Those different characteristics they have require different arrangements in their education and training. It is needed to learn the methods, strategies and techniques used for the education and training of people with superior intelligence in EU countries in order to reach a high level in this field and to meet EU standards. Briefly, the main goal of our project is to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants in the area of education of people with superior intelligence, and to investigate the methods and techniques that will improve the educational strategies as to the students with superior intelligence in our country. Preparation Activities Project Conducting Team will be organized by our School Management before the mobility and after signing the contract. Project Conducting Team will select 22 teachers of those who want to participate in the mobility according to identified criteria. During the preparation process, 40-hour vocational training related to the education of people with superior skills will be provided for the participants. Moreover, during the same process, application and skill development trainings will be organized by the Ministry of National Education. After that, 40-hour English for travel trainings will be organized for the participants. All the activities to be done during the preparation process will be organized by Project Conducting Team, and will be recorded. Logistic needs of the participants will be fulfilled completely as planned. During the mobility process, participants will receive trainings, which will improve their knowledge and skills, and will attend on-the-job training. Our participants especially will learn new methods, techniques and best practices in the field of the education of students with superior intelligence. In order to increase the benefits of the project socially and culturally to high level, and in order to provide social and cultural development for the participants, we will pay special attention to the values of host country. Safety measures will be taken during all the processes of project, and some activities will be organized to inform the participants about this matter. A common council will be established in order to analyze whether the project serves its purpose or not, and to measure gain level. Outcomes of the project will be specified in this council. Assessors in the training will use questionnaire, test and observation methods due to the fact that goals of the training activities are directly connected with information and data gathering. Furthermore, techniques measuring whether methods used for the measurement of the tests are reliable or not will be used. The results and effects of the project -Personnel, who will plan and carry out the training activities in various training models for people with superior skills, will enhance the education and training quality of our school. -It will be ensured to bring children in Mersin with superior skills waiting to be discovered in the values of the country. -Achievements will be transmitted to schools, private educational institutions civil society organizations through seminars, and influence area of the achievements will be extended. Its benefits in the long term

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