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The UDIEX thematic network, with the linked qualificationsproject Action Learning Exchange Programme (ALEP),has proved to be one of the most innovative of the URBACTprojects. It was considered that there was not enoughexchange on policies addressing issues of inclusion, diversityand integration and hence the UDIEX ALEP project wascreated to change this.This method of linking the exchange elements to a trainingscheme has allowed maximum impact for this project.Through a series of 8 topic based workshops and 6 cross topicworkshops (Venice Sessions) the group, with its 26 partnershas managed to produce a series of workshop reports inorder to disseminate widely the results of the project andimpact on future policy. A number of case studies have alsobeen produced to highlight examples of good practice.All the documentation produced by the project is availableon the URBACT web site network has mobilised a total of 367 people with anaverage of 57 participants per workshop. In addition there hasbeen a high percentage (21%) of participants from the NGO /voluntary sector. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.
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  • 50%   407 900,00
  • 2000 - 2006 URBACT I
  • Project on KEEP Platform

25 Partners Participants