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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project ''We Teach in Europe'' will be developed in the Junior High School no. 16 in Zabrze. The main aim of the project is the improvement of the education in the school. Through the acquisition of the new competences and the refreshment of the old ones, the school will create conditions for the comprehensive development of the students attending the school. What is more, the students willl enrich their knowledge and will perfect their abilities during lessons and additional classes. The aim of the school is to educate a person who is both a patriot respecting national values as well as a young European – tolerant and open to other nations and cultures in order to benefit from the possibilities of being a part of Europe. Teaching foreign languages is a very significant aspect of the school. That is why the Junior High School no. 16 offers so called bilingual English classes. Two subjects: Biology and Chemistry are taught in English. The second foreign language taught in the school is German. The students can also learn three other foreign languages: Italian, Russian and French during extracurricular activities. At the beginning of the school year, the teaching staff establishes the School's Development Scheme in which a very important element is the reinforcement of the European education as well as school's activities in order to improve the quality of the education. The schedule helped the teachers to set three main topics of the project. · Teaching and learning foreign languages · ICT – new technologies, digital competences · Early school leaving / combatting failure in education There are 9 teachers involved in the project. The teachers will improve their language competences and inrich the teaching workshop. Through active participation in the foreign intensive languages courses and methodological trainings the teachers will improve their knowledge of new ideas and methods. The school's datebase will be enriched with new and valuable teaching materials adequate to the needs of the students. Moreover, the teachers will gain better competences, refresh their personal knowledge and gain confidence. The students will more willingly take part in the lessons and additional classes. They will be more motivated to attend lessons and gain new perspectives connected with learning foreign languages. During the training, the teachers will have possibilities to get to know educators from other European countries. It will definitely result in other mobility projects held in the school and strengthen the European dimension of the school. Through the courses, the teachers will enrich the teaching workshop using ICT techniques during the lesson. The students will find out the possibilities of using social media in the learning process. Using new and modern technologies during the lesson as well as effective and appropriate use of the Internet information will improve learning outcomes. The teachers' participation in the project will have a positive impact on the functioning of the school. The teachers will be integrated by creating an application form and the realisation of the project. It will motivate other teachers to an active participation in various European projects. The teachers will improve their communication skills, which will increase their level of education. The benefits of the realization of the project will also be promoted outside the school, including the local environment. The teachers taking part in the ICT courses will introduce the new skills in the teaching process. In order to share their new teaching methods with other teachers, an Internet blog and a Facebook profile will be created The project will be presented during meetings and conferences for headmasters and teachers from other schools as an example of good practice. What is more, the advantages of the participation in the mobilities will be introduced during celebrations and contests organised in the school. The logo of the Erasmus+ programme will be placed in the school's promotion leaflet, on the school's information board, in the school's magazine for parents and on the school's website. The participation in the project will bring measurable, long- term effects. Undoubtedly, teachers' participation in different forms of training abroad is considerable prestige for the school. It will lead to an increase of the recruitment and opening classes of new profiles. Moreover, making new acquaintances with other European teachers will lead to the creation of new projects. Students' participation in the future international projects will improve their language skills. Teachers' participation in the courses will make lessons more interesting and the students will be more motivated and involved. The students will learn efficiently and the process will improve the results of the Junior High School Exam. Students who will continue their education will be more likely to get more attractive jobs on the European labour market.
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