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Uczeń PZS Bieruń w przyszłości mobilnym pracownikiem na europejskim rynku pracy
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the project „Student from PZS Bieruń – a future mobile worker on the European job market” 50 students learning at technical secondary school took part (25 students in 2015 and 25 students in 2016). Among the students are - 30 attending technical school of mechanical engineering - 20 attending technical school of economics. The students took part in four-week practical experience scholarship in Germany, which took place in 2015 and 2016. The training abroad is an integral part of vocational experience in Poland and it is in accordance with the Polish core curriculum. For students of mechanical engineering the training programme consisted of 2 weeks training in practical work centre concerning operating and programming numerically controlled machine tools, through getting to know different workshops of vocational training, for example CNC - technology, controlling technology (hydraulics, pneumatics, SPS, electronic, electrotechnics), utomotive technique, technique of metals combination, the rules of operating, preparation and work with numerically controlled machines in implementation different basic tasks in processes of machine cutting. Another 2 weeks in the enterprise "Nussbaum Parking GmbH" the trainees spent doing practical tasks: • turning and milling the elements of the elements of machines and tools. • Testing and measuring cut elements • Performing special tasks connected with the workplace of controlling machines in the CNC system. The trainees who took part in the internship were second class students who had acquired theoretical knowledge concerning numerically controlled machines at school and could use their knowledge in practice. For students of economics – one-week training devoted to establishing and functioning of a small business + 3 weeks of training in Practical Training Centre of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Leipzig concerning creating business documents, storing and archiving these documents with the use of the latest IT technology, and customer service. In the practical experience third-year students took part. These students had already served their vocational training the previous year, owing to which they had the opportunity to compare working in Poland and Germany. They also had a unique occasion to practically use foreign language correspondence and break the language barrier while serving customers. Thanks to participation in the workshop of establishing and functioning own enterprise trainees’ entrepreneurial attitude was activated. What is more, their conviction that self-employment is a good choice arose. The main objectives of the practical work experience abroad are: - vocational competence development, trained on the early stage of vocational training. - growth of language and social competence among young people at an early stage of vocational training. - getting to know German job market structures - fight against youth unemployment - improving knowledge and skills concerning functioning of modern companies and offices on the market. - perfecting skills comprising interpersonal communication. - easiness of establishing contacts with people - adapting to new situations - opportunity to learn how to live and work with people from different countries and cultures. - encouragement of geographical mobility Thanks to participation in the project young people had the chance to gain new work experience, they were able to break the language barrier. Taking part in the project taught them self-reliance and responsibility, coping with new, stressful situations. Students got to know different culture of work, they were able to compare systems of educating, in which they took part. Participants were able to share good experiences with their schoolmates, teachers and use them in their future work, which may contribute to their growth of productivity. Participants received certificates, which confirm taking part and programme of the work experience. They also obtained Europass Mobility certificates, which are confirmation of gained professional competence. Owing to this experience and obtained certificates young people will have more chances on the job market. Before going to the practical experience students took part in workshops, conducted by a psychologist and a school counselor, which helped them to find themselves in the new environment. Students were also able to prepare linguistically by participating in German language courses, financed from the programme resources. During this course mainly vocational German vocabulary was developed (all participants are taught English and German at school). The participants received full logistic support concerning the journey, insurance and their stay in Germany. The partner, Vitalis Company provided accommodation in its centre, full board, free time organization and wide range of weekend trips, as well as full coordination of the traineeship course.
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