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Učne mobilnosti v tujini - Learning mobility abroad
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Grammar and Secondary School Kocevje educates the following programmes: Grammar School, Economic Technician, Wood Technician, Carpenter, Shop Assistant, Metal Sharper and Wood Worker. Our school enrols pupils from 7 municipalities. With class organisation and school activities we want to enable the students succesfull scholing. That is why we have very low quotient of decrease and good promotion in south-eastern part of Slovenia. We turn students in regional, national and international competitions, so they can prove their knowledge with getting very good results. High profesional competences of teachers and positive atmosphere are foundation for achieving goals of students and school. With different activities in different areas we integrate school in natural, social and economic area. With that we want to achieve high ingegration of our students in local area yet in time of study process. With that activities we want to reinforce the students social competences and raise their selfimage. In two years we would exchange 15 students from program Carpenter, Shop Assistant and Economic Technician. The exchange would last 14 days. When selecting the students to be involved in the project we will take into account: shown interest in the practice abroad, social condition (priority to socially weaker pupils, gypsies and pupils from single-parent families), language skills and ability to communicate in English. When choosing, we will focus on students that show high interest in learning and that way we will enable them a higher level of quality and competence in their vocation. Our purpose with this project is achieving a higher level of knowledge for respective professions, improve innovation and entrepreneurship competences, communication in foreign languages, personal and social competences, cultural awareness and expression. Long term goal of this project is, in addition to the motivation of pupils, to achieve a high level of professionalism, comparable knowledge to other European Countries, to enhance their competitiveness in the labour market or to make a good foundation for further college education at home and abroad. Our pupils could transmit the knowledge acquired abroad to the economy and small businesses, and thus disseminate knowledge to the local community and broader. The school would increase the level of recognition and thus increase an interest for technical programmes, which are currently on a relatively low level. Ouf students are usually employed in small companies, and have relatively low chances of gaining extra knowledge of foreign countries, because small companies are often limitet with small budget. that is also why that project would improve the quality of local and regional companies services. With achieved knowledge and experiences our students will integrate in each year project Wood festival. In t hat project also participate businessmans, functionary, designers and marketers.
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