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Učme sa s najlepšími: od tvorivosti v oblasti prírodných vied a európskych jazykov k budúcim perspektívam
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is the further step regarding the European development plan of English bilingual school of St Edita Stein and it reflects current needs and requirements of our institution within its strategic goals, which convey two different areas: 1.teaching natural sciences or specialized subjects 2. support of teaching and learning European languages. Activities in the project are divided into two categories: A) job shadowing activities at the partners' insititution - St John Bosco College in London and B) methodological courses of the "second foreign languages" (Spanish, Russian and German). As for the job shadowing during the physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, geography and history we focus mainly on two aspects of succesful, modern and effective teaching - "problem solving" (creative way of solving problematic tasks in a process of learning the natural and specialized school subjects, when the pupils personalize their knowledge, by which they are able connect the theory with the practice and take responsibility for their own learning, get into the process and become self-conscious) and "critical thinking", in which pupils realize their own attitude towards the subject matter, select the essenatial infomation and learn how not to just automatically learn formal things by heart, yet to find new perspectives and solutions. We believe that both will lead them towards the employability, because they will know how to face the challenges with crativity. Our London partner is, moreover, the specialist at business and enterprise in teaching, so we feel highly enthusiastic about the idea of getting these into our curricula as well. Partner school develps their philosophy on the values, positive attitude towards the religious and racial diversity, or individual approach to disadventaged students. This is the added value for us and we welcome this kind of experience very openly, since similar challenges are to be even more urgent in the Slovakian social context. The international and European dimesion is going to be covered by good methodology within the area of "second foreign languages" (SFL, i.e. the foreign languages that are different from English, which is constantly the subject of the highest academinc priority in our school). Our goal is to make certain parts of curricula in SFL to connect selected topics of specialized subjects in an adequate way and level so the students can compete at international European labour market because they have skills and knowledge from the professinonal point of view and are able to communicate the solutions in national languages of a given country (withing the EU 15% Spanish speakers, 13% German speakers and about 5 millions of Russian speakers, mainly Baltic countries). ACTIVITIES: A) 6 different teachers doing job shadowing activities in pairs or three members groups for all various subjects B) 4 different teachers of SFL in Spain, Latvia and Germany, while taking part in different methodological courses, in one case it's meant to be for informal education purposes (extracurricular activities). SELECTION OF PARTICIPANTS: decisive factors were motivation, objective factors, specialization, language level and voluntariness. After returning of participants from mobilities, we plan partial re-designation of our curricula, and all kinds of activities leading to getting feedback, preparation of methodological guide cumulating theoretical and practical outcomes and evaluation activities, mapping measurable degree of project successfulness in three different target groups: studernts, teachers and the institution itself (examples of the selected activities: mentorship, teambuilding, formal analysis of the academic results, evaluated job shadowing, etc.) Impact lies in successful implementation such changes, which might enable us to reach the aforementioned goals and to become modern school which progresses and along with it all the students for our common future.
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