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Ученето през целия живот-мост на сътрудничество между преподавател , като критерий за по-качествено европейско образование
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Sending organization, PGTM "Hristo Botev", seeks the establishment of adequate economic thinking. In this sense, creates the need for the realization of modern transnational participation in training courses, contributing to the implementation of more effective practical training. The team working on the project consists of motivated teachers to participate in project activities, the innovative experience and willing to share it with their colleagues. 1. Teachers of foreign language 2. Teachers of information technology, programming, computer networks. 3. Teachers of economic disciplines. 4.Psychologist, philologist. We follow the motto of the Professional School of Technique and Management "Hristo Botev" - school with traditions and future. " Our main priority is quality training aimed at learning a foreign language, information technology, programming, economics, business communications and implemented using modern innovative methods and technologies, interactive boards, multimedia, entrepreneurship and training firms. This poses teachers’ need to improve their competence according to the European framework. The school will sent 8 teachers to check their competences in another environment, another educational system proved its effectiveness, to exchange experience with colleagues, to be able to contribute to the promotion improvement and maintaining the competitiveness of the school market labor. Our needs are: 1.Meet new technological tools and application use in the education system to promote a more effective approach to sharing information. 2. Improve the skills related to the teaching profession. 3. Cross-wide understanding of practice, educational and training systems in different countries. 4. Get better knowledge and responsiveness to social, cultural and linguistic diversity. 5. Get better quality of work and activities for the benefit of disabled pupils. 6. Effective recovery project to unleash the potential of Europe's human talent and social capital for the promotion of the "Lifelong Learning". The tasks we set are: 1. We are looking forward to improve frame to changing requirements, proficient and using modern technology and multimedia and increasing the personal qualifications. 2. To improve the teachers’ language competences, their personal growth, the acquisition of a wider European culture, which applies in the process of work and share with their colleagues. 3. Get new strategies to support student’s learning and developing skills for better communicators, team leaders and workers in the education system. Our goals are: 1. Introduction of motivated professionals to strive to modernize education by improving the professional qualification. 2. Delivering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of young people in the European Union by well trained teachers and equality of learners. 3. Lifelong Education leads to competitiveness of school education in line with the European framework and by preparing our teachers for a successful future, career development of students in the labor market and in the world of technology. Expected results: 1. Build a team of qualified teachers and management team that will be the key figure in improving the quality of education. 2. Achievement at European level on students' education and training in classes with intensive study of a foreign language - English, economic disciplines and information technology, as well as students with SEN (special educational needs). 3 Integration of European experience to improve the system of organization and teaching in schools, working with parents and public institutions. There will be organized: 1. Debates classes, open classes with a presentation by the students to show their knowledge and skills, acquired from teachers involved in the project. 2. Pedagogical Council Subject, to be familiar with the team's achievements in the educational process of training countries and the EU. 3. Seminars with teachers from other schools, aiming to show the use of innovative teaching methods and the use of digital technologies in the learning process. 4. We will complete questionnaires for each stage of our project- by the participants, by methodological associations, students and parents As end products of our project we will have a presentation, posters, leaflets, documentary, which will be uploaded to the school website, the site of our city, Ministry of Education, and the websites as Facebook, YouTube, e Twinning and JM –Schools, in order to be included in other future projects.

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