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Two Stage Rapid Biological Surveillance and Alarm System for Airborne Pathogenic Threats (TWOBIAS)
Start date: Jul 1, 2010, End date: Dec 31, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The aim of this project is to develop a demonstrable, modular and “close-to-market” demonstrator of a stationary rapid reliable vehicle-portable Two Stage Rapid Biological Surveillance and Alarm System for Airborne Threats (TWOBIAS) with extremely low false alarm rates. TWOBIAS will provide reliable information to command control systems (CCS) and first responders within seconds, enhancing security related to biological threats at high profile public sites. (figure 1.) The TWOBIAS system includes both detection (BDU – biological detection unit) and identification (BIU – biological identification unit) schemes: i) StageONE: First alarm based on best-in-use optimized optical BDU (detect-to-warn) ii) ii) StageTWO: Second alarm based on highly automated microfluidic-based platform with a molecular BIU (detect-to-treat) The development of reliable biological surveillance and detector systems depends on significant extensive critical testing and evaluation (T&E) of the system, not only in controlled closed environments, but also at the real site of interest, prior to its operative use. Today, real-life testing is lacking. The approach of the project is unique in that the consortium will employ real-life test facilities to develop and prove a demonstrator of TWOBIAS for a successful approach to biological threats. Partner 6 (SCB) will provide a real-life test facility in central Europe that is regarded as a potential target for bioterrorism (i.e. Prague metro station). The project is distinctive because a detector and surveillance system for airborne biological threat agents will be developed according to the operational requirements by the end-user. TWOBIAS is not restricted for use against bioterrorist attacks, but is also suitable for detecting and identifying emerging natural infectious diseases (i.e. SARS, avian flu viruses and other airborne transmitted pathogenic microorganisms)."

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