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Two European Zoological Gardens Enhancing Education and Environmental Protection

It has been noticed that it is absolutely necessary to increase the number of practical lessons while working with pupils. Their attention should be drawn to basic natural sciences using methods which are suitable for their age. There is a lack of knowledge among pupils about the natural environment, and consequently a considerable lack of respect for it.The cooperation between the two zoos is not strong enough, and it boils down to individual contacts. The zoopedagogic methods are barely used.Newly built, reconstructed and equipped educational facilities will provide the necessary conditions to carry out the process of education involving a significant number of pupils during the whole year at different locations at the same time in all weather conditions.Plenty of zoopedagogical activities are to be laid on for primary school pupils from both regions.Continuation of the educational process during the summer holiday.One-day student exchange (12 days, 1200 pupils) in both directions. Each partner has the same tasks related to the transport, educational programme and supply of food.Specialised one-day seminars for (zoo)pedagogues in the border region.2- or 3-day zoopedagogical conferences on education, biological sciences and environmental protection are to be held, two in Szeged and one in Palic, intended for 35 participants (international participants will be present as well) Organising summer camps for 30 pupils and 6 teachers in two groups each year during the implementation of the educational programme. There will be mixed summer camps only in Serbia and Montenegro.Groomer exchange and advamcement will take place in both zoos. There will be 4 exchanges for 4 workers on 4 different occasions.Bilingual publications, monographs, workbooks and curricula which will be also translated into English. Achievements: Please refer to the 'Description' field, which also includes the achievements of this project.
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