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Two European ZOO`s enhancing education and environmental protection - second part (TWOZOOS)
Start date: Sep 30, 2010, End date: Sep 29, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

General objectives: informal biological, geographical and zoological education for primary school students; to create relationship between children and nature, to increase the sensitivity for nature of human beings; to create and increase the sense of responsibility of the population in order to preserve the natural resources and to make people understand that the coexistence is necessary so is the tolerance between nations and nationalities; to familiarize the inhabitants of Szeged/Palic-Subotica and the region with the zoo pedagogic work of the zoos (Palic/Szeged).Activities: 1. To organize one-day field trips for primary school students 18 times a year in joint Serbian-Hungarian groups. 90 Hungarian students travel to Palic to meet 90 Serbian students and they participate together in the programme in Palic. 90 students from Subotica/Palic travel to Szeged to meet 90 Hungarian students and they participate together in the programme in Szeged. 2. To establish a new teaching and exhibition place (in Szeged: a Penguin House, in Palic: a split-level stable with a mezzanine-floor teaching room); 3. To purchase the tools helping the zoopedagogy and to publish promotional materials in 3 languages (Hungarian, Serbian and English); 4. To organize vocational conference (in Szeged) and training (in Palic). Achievements: Educational exchange programme in Szeged Zoo: 3243 pupils participated on education at programmes in Palic and Szeged Zoo.Educational exchange programme in Palic Zoo: 3243 pupils participated on educational programmes in Palic and Szeged Zoo.Zoopedagogical educational programme material was developed by the partners.Peunguin House and Outdoor Teaching place was built in Szeged zoo. Split level stable with mezzanine floor teaching room was built in Palic Zoo. 2 press conferences and the zoopedagogical conference was held in 2011.16 guests from Zoo Szeged and 8 participants from Zoo Palics participated in the workers exchange programme.
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  • 85%   294 117,00
  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Serbia IPA CBC (HU-RS)
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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