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Turning the silver challenge into the golden opportunity
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

The main idea of "Turning the silver challenge into the golden opportunity" -SIGOLD is to support the creation of age integrated society, help 50+ workers to get a chance for active ageing as active participants in an age-integrated society and ageing well at work, at home and in their communities. The main goal of the project SIGOLD is: through newly developed e-learning courses, awareness raising and dissemination activities to increase knowledge, skills, competence and understanding of the direct target groups 50+ workers, HRD managers, educators, and trainers in order to improve the position of 50+ workers in the labor market and society. Within the SIGOLD project we will investigate the situation of 50+ workers, HRD policy implemented for this age group in companies, and education and training methods used. Based on the in 5 project partner countries (Slovakia, Cyprus, UK, Austria, Greece) findings the blended courses for 50+ workers, HRD managers and educators will be developed and tested in four languages - English, Slovak, German, and Greek. With such approach we will reinforce the contribution of Lifelong Learning to social cohesion, gender equality and personal fulfilment of 50+ workers, contribute to increased participation in lifelong learning by people of all ages, and support the development of innovative ICT-based content. Project activities will also contribute to creation of favorable environment for 50+ workers through its dissemination and awareness raising activities focused at the indirect target groups: public administrators, labor offices, trade unions, social services providers. The final international conference will be organized in 28th project month. SIGOLD consortium consists of 6 partners of various types: 3 universities (two public - TU Kosice, Slovakia, University of Piraeus, Greece, 1 private University of Nicosia, Cyprus), two NGOs (ASTRA Slovakia, FBI Austria) and one consultancy company (Inova, UK). Project duration is 30 months.
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