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turn ON Europe and get involved!
Start date: Nov 1, 2013,

“Turn ON Europe and get involved” wants to strengthen the cooperation, exchange of experience and good practice in the field of youth and non-formal education between EU, Latin American, Asian and African youth organisations as a starting point to ensure young people's participation, empowerment and professional development. European citizenship and EU fundamental values will be inspirational means to achieve the following objectives: - Improve and increase the mobility of young people and youth workers of the involved countries;- Approach different new competences to achieve employment in a creative way, also pointing out the connection between diversity societies, creativity approaches and new skills for new job placements;- Improve capacity-building for youth organisations to contribute to a civil society development and to an improvement of youth policies;- Develop a sustainable partnerships creating a strong network for future exchanges of volunteers through EVS, youth exchange or other international volunteer programmes.The main activities to achieve our objectives are: - Online preparatory meeting;- Training Course for youth workers;- Job shadowing involving all the countries;- Local workshops and events;- International seminar;- Local dissemination and follow-up activities.With more than 60 international mobilities and not less than 280 direct participants of local events, we are expecting the following outcomes:- Increase in the number of youth, specially from disadvantaged background, participating in local or international volunteering projects;- Transfer of good practices and increase of cooperation between the partners through a Network built in 4 continents;- Enhanced skills and employability of the beneficiaries and their education in the fields of employability, leadership, participation and European active citizenship;- Improvement of the training capacities of youth workers and leaders in involving youngsters.

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