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Start date: Sep 21, 2015, End date: Jun 20, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Targets of the Project Process of youths’ political resolution process and developing strategies by introducing closer for them must be the most important aim of youth studies. For this in our project, crises scenario will be created and we are providing a chance of intervention to European crises for youths in this simulation. Applying a model to see their European parliament decision making process during the project initiate a meeting with EU and and its decision making mechanisms. During the whole project, with the help of academicians and instructors who are mentoring us and youths, results of our project and knowledge that youth will get at the end of project will be more comprehensive. At the end of the project, youths will be encouraged both to be European citizenship and witnessed to solution offers and different thoughts that come up with different cultures and countries to EU problems. Methodology Project has 3 stages. First of them is; by providing knowledge about EU decision making mechanism youth are informed EU citizen. Second stage; Youth who are from Turkey and are against to process of Turkey to EU will be together and they can find creative solution in terms of that topic. Also this contributes their self-improvement and socio-improvement. Third stage; Youths who belongs to different cultures will introduce their cultures with visiuals and applying. It is organized in a way that all the youths from different cultures can participate in the whole activity. With these 3 stages, instead of being passive listeners, youths become active participants and this provides youths to active contribution to each level of the project. Also with the positive discrimination that we will apply in our project, female participants are more than male participants. Results With the help of trainings and simulation, youths get detailed information about democracy concept and they become active participants by using representative democracy mechanism. Youths have a chance to apply what they thought and they learned about the trainings. This will create a link between youths and decision makers. Participants Youth who have never participated to youths project and have no international experience has priority to our project. Youth will be chosen under these circumstances. Among the participants, they include the youth who have limitations in terms of geographical, economical and social conditions. All the youth are in the our project. We have a participants’ age limitations between 18 and 30. There are 7 participants for each country and among 7 participants, 4 of them are female and 3 of them male. We are totally 16 people with our instructors. We are giving more chances to women with aiming that; they can pioneer in the politic and democratic decision making process, we abolish the problems of the woman in their social lives, we abolish the disadvantage roles of woman in the society and we abolished the role of the woman which plays back of man’s. It will be created an environment on which each foundation can discuss the Turkey-EU relations which has been being discussed for years and in this way, youth will get experience about Turkey- EU relations which will be in the future. Also, it will provide a great contribution to international cultural diversity and experience of foundations. It will be tried do wipe bias of participants, they can adapt themselves to teamwork, they have a parliement environment in which they can discuss and they can exchange their ideas and opinions. Each country with the help of introducing their cultures, participants can have chance of get information about different cultures. In this way there will be cultural interaction. Awareness of Turkey will be increased with help of visiting historical and touristic places. Our target group aimed that youths’ ideas and opinions about Eu and Turkey relations can be changed with offering different materials.
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