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Turizm alanı Öğrenicilerinin Uluslararası Kariyer Gelişimi ve Mesleki Kalite Standartları Eğitimi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We have received news that adopted by our project. Project leader Kayseri Erciyes Vocational and Technical High School (MTAL) on 21.09.2015 with local partners (addition: The project correspondence) held a meeting. The project management team and executive team and created the calendar activities. Management Team 3 school Principal, and Assistant Headmaster of the executive committee and president of the project was for 3 school representatives. The project activities of the executive team shared the work. Three schools took an active role in the project. Tasks; official business was made by the consortium leader. The organization of activities did Ayse Baldöktü MEM . Promotion and dissemination of Kayseri made Maturation Institute. 2015 October;Management and Execution teams has enabled communication with foreign partners. overseas study programs were organized. Application form was reported by Austria withdrew from the partnership mentioned by our partner, the National Agency Application. We do official correspondence with the National Agency expert. We agree with the -Avustury Hotel & Apartment Klimt. other countries have done our common Istituto professionale statale socio-artigianale-commerciale -Italy and Portugal Esprominho- contract. Overseas, they allow them to visit Turkey before mobility with partners. November 2015; Projects were prepared banners. announcement was made to students at three schools. The project began in promotional activities. Provincial and District Education Directorates were interviewed. Student selection criteria were published in the bulletin board. Application forms can be obtained. The project, admitted 189 students from three schools. 32 students were not eligible. The students who were accepted to the second test. English grammar, success, survey for attitudes and behaviors and oral examination was performed. Tourist areas and more female students were selected. their age was 15 to 25. 45 students and 15 students were selected all reserves. Students under the age of 18 has. Their parents were invited. Project objectives, activities, roles and responsibilities of the participants were told. Accompanying teachers at the end of November was determined by the institutions. preparations began on mobility and dissemination activities. December 2015 It began preparatory activities. 45 rebels, began training according to their 15 spare students and 3 teachers accompanying the planned release date. 1. Mobility 10 to 31 January 2016 Date Ayşe Baldöktü MEM participants Hotel & Apartment Klimt -Avustury in with the front desk reception, education and training took place. so Baldöktü in December Ayse MEM 15 + 5 participants candidate companion finished early preparatory education with their teachers. 2. Mobility April 17 to May 7 Continuation Institute - Esprominho- with Portugal Tourism Organization has made education and training activities. 3. Mobility 01-21 May 2016 Kayseri Erciyes MTAL Istituto professionale statale socio-artigianale-commerciale Customer Relationship -Italy was made with educational and training activities. Two school preparatory education was completed in March. Preparation was more foreign language education training. İn Kayseri a contract with Language School in the province. A2 level was 80 hours Language Education. Cultural activities in preparation for overseas partners came in. Orientation training was to teach the participants the project execution team. It eliminated reserves during training. Participant Agreement in accordance with the timetable set, foreign passports and exit transactions, receipt of official approval, insurance and banking operations were performed by the project management team for each institution. February-May 2016 In February, our school principal died from a sudden illness. He took over the chief deputy director. Our project activities continued without a hitch. Participants who complete their mobility activity has returned to Turkey. They brought the project reports are prepared in advance and abroad. with project execution team participants began their dissemination to öğrendilker. in their schools, industry employees, presentations for different vocational training institutions, they did. Media reports have been published with the project. students, mobility tool reports have been completed. Our project; Kayseri Erciyes MTAL, made with local and foreign partners. Our students tourism interposer technology for applications was seeing in Europe. with short-term practice facilities were strengthening their professional equipment. Our country was to increase their knowledge and skills through different training outside. providing added value to their professional development have become available to the tourism sector. Our project has reached its objectives and all activities.

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