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Tuning the properties of NanoCarbon with Fluorination (NANOCF)
Start date: Oct 1, 2013, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Low-dimensional carbon structures such as graphene and carbon nanotubes have raised tremendous interest in recent years both from fundamental and technological perspectives. However, the tunability of the density of electronic states of graphene and carbon nanotubes remains a limiting factor for their implementation in modern nanotechnology. It has been recently shown that the energy bandgap of graphene-based materials can be tailored via chemical modification of the graphene surface, e.g. by fluorination. We focus our efforts on tuning the chemical and physical properties of nanocarbon materials using different fluorination techniques and varying the degree of fluorination. A multidisciplinary approach will be applied ranging from fundamental research in chemistry and physics to studying the materials properties for application in electronics, photonics, and biomedicine. It is anticipated that the final outcome of this project will be a novel nanocarbon-based material with specific advanced properties.
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