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Tuning environmental competences in Russian fishery education for sustainable development (TUNA)
Start date: 15 Oct 2012,

The main goal of the project is to modify the existing Bachelor Degree courses in the field of water bioresources at Russian faculties at Kaliningrad State Technical University, Kuban State University, Nizhny Novgorod State Agricultural Academy and Tumen State Agricultural Academy into environmental orientated courses, so that each courses contains modules on modern environmental management and has a unique educational profile, which reflects the demands of the labour market. In order to cover the need of coworkers in enterprises and administrations two new Master degree programmes on Environmental Management of Fishery Enterprises and Ecological Tourism will be introduced as interdisciplinary curricula. All new curricula will be in the line with Bologna Declaration and European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Furthermore curricula and modules will be designed for distance learning and distance learning centres for these two master programmes will be implemented at the partner universities in Kaliningrad,Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and Tumen laying the basis for a nationwide qualification network in these two fields of HE.Principal outcomes and outputs will be:• Modified Bachelor Degree Programmes at Russian faculties created (output)• Existing courses are restructured and new modules for B.Sc. programmes are introduced (output)• New Master courses on Environmental Management of Fishery enterprises and Ecological Tourism are developed (output)• New Master programmes were adapted for Distance Learning (output)• A new teaching environment is implemented (output)• The student mobility programme is finished (output)• A supporting environment for demand-driven programmes is in operation• Successful dissemination of project results is achieved(output)• Sustainability of the project is ensured (output)• Quality of the whole project as well as its parts are controlled and monitored correctly (output)The project is managed successfully (outcome)
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