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Türkiye’de Gençlik Meclislerinin Güçlendirilmesi ve Gençlik Meclisleri Ağı Oluşturulması
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project out of the way we prepare, dayanmaktadır.yerel Agenda 21 program, the Local Agenda 21 program is conducive to the establishment of the Youth Parliament in 1992 in Rio de, which is an output of the realization of the United Nations Earth Summit in Jeneiro "Agenda 21" accepted by the Member States with the understanding encountered in order to develop effective solutions to the problems it was decided to be converted into policy and program to give more responsibility to local governments. Following the Summit, the decision is supported by various programs being implemented in more than 140 countries. City Council, Youth Council, Women's Council as governance mechanisms, with our present understanding of the country envisages the public to participate in city government, but the Ministry of Interior since 1997, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Association of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG-MEWA), World Local Authorities and Academy of democracy (WALD) have been implemented in partnership with Turkey under the Local Agenda 21 program. Continuing up to the present insights emerging from the 1997 LA-21 City Council in 2005, 5393 Municipal Law Article 76 which has earned its place in the legal basis. City Council, Women's Council and the Youth Council as participants create structures by the Ministry of Interior and published in the Official Gazette on 08.10.2006 entered into force 06.06.2009 "City Council Regulation" have been identified. Youth Councils, one of these participatory structures, training programs realized since 1997, have become important local stakeholders to the city with activities such as advocacy campaigns. However, these participatory structures of democratic local governance mechanisms as needed to function, to show the importance to the issue of local government is unable to perform fully the objectives of formation of reasons such as the vaccination of some obstacles in the bureaucratic structures of public institutions. In the meetings held with participants from the developing process of Youth Councils, the institutionalization of youth councils and conducting activities to establish a joint network has indicated that policy makers need. We prepared 'Strengthening the Youth Council in Turkey and Youth Councils Network Creation' project aims at strengthening the institutional structure of the youth council in increasing awareness and young people in local and national, we aim to create the mechanisms to carry out voluntary work. In meetings held to date from the establishment phase of the youth council difficulties and solutions will be discussed. Youth councils in Turkey, Istanbul, thinking a separate area for eight (8) separating the different regions, in all of these areas coordination meeting will be held. Coordination meetings of the youth councils in the region to assess the current difficulties, to strengthen their connection with each other and we will remove the roadmap that will provide the ground for the creation of sustainable building. After performing all of our meetings in the region at the national youth councils, decision-makers and the process will be found on the corporate domination; We aim to create a roadmap peak output received by the youth council. We plan to make several meetings with decision makers in this process. Unless Although regional meetings so far have been found to contribute and also already in the process of handling and decision-making authority, we plan to organize joint workshops with decision makers involved. Areas and in meeting national; The problems of youth councils, coordination difficulties, local authorities, youth council members will talk with the workshop of the solutions to the problems in the legal entity to increase the efficiency, sustainable projects, leadership and lobbying training will be held. Things to workshop their work, we aim to remove the road map of the youth council with the youth council representatives. 'Empowerment of Youth Councils and Youth Councils Network Formation in Turkey' Youth Assembly representatives in the project will provide regional coordination in the implementation of the project and will be found to be dominant in the project board as long as the youth council. Participants at the regional and national meetings working in youth councils, youth councils will be elected from among the managers responsible for local governments. The meeting will be paid to gender equality. Youth Council will be established in Turkey will have to do with a culture of joint action and to allow the strengthening of the existing structure of the youth council. Our goal in all of our projects in our country finally gained when three thousand (3000) touched our young people, youth councils of the target programming together with our young, we have created the joint project.

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