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Tüketebileceğin Kadar Al !!
Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: May 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Will fulfil a project which is called as ''Buy as much as you can consume!'' in 01-09 November,2016 in Malatya.The project is going to be held with mutual attendance of Turkey(Malatya Youth Group) - Bulgaria(NAVİGATOR) - Hungaria ( Lélektér Alapítvány )- Poland (StowarzyszenieStukater) - Slovakİa (SYTEV) - The range is changing between 18-28 year old.There will be 8 participants from Turkey and 6 participants from each partner countries.Total number is going to be 32 people in our project. Contents Of Our ProjectThe contents of our project are to point one of the common problem : the wastage without noticing or by choice all around the world,understand the importance of sharing and friendship,convince people to buy their needs as much as they can consume.By this aim,our project contains trainings on conquering the fear of diffirent cultures and reinforcement of brotherhood between countries.In addition,our participants will have opportunity of developing their self-improvement.Background Of Our ProjectWe ,as Malatya Youth Group, have achieved a lot of success with activities,projects and social responsibility projects that we have done locally.We had also returns and likes from people.This is the biggest success in our view.We have tried to share our thoughts with people about wastage and make them aware for this as much as we could.So that,they have contributed economically for our country.Therefore,we aim to reach all the young people around the world by Erasmus+ Programme and add our project international dimension.Aım Of Our ProjectYoung and adult people will gain a feature of being a person that is aware of importance of wastage,buying stuff as much as he/she needs.They are going to realise the importance of sharing,friendship and brotherhood between countries.Discovering the culturel diffirences,friendship connection,conquering the bias between cultures will be supported.Being aware of the importance of wastage and giving this subject international dimension will be provided.There will be Erasmus+,National Agency and project writing trainings and introductions.Introductıon Of Our Project Actıvıtes-There will be group and team works in our project.-There will be trainings and works about the importance of wastage. -There will be workings about the reasons and results of wastage. -Lecturw about wastage will be given at highschool and university. -There will be representations about Erasmus+,National Agency. -Official institutions and organisations visits, -Culturel activities to meet other cultures closely and break down the prejudies. -They will get a chance to see the natural beauties of Malatya with city tour and taste new foods from our city cuisine.As a result,wastage will be prevented,friendship and brotherhood will be seen by people and these will become stronger between countries.In addition,we're planning wastage subject to be at the top of the inteenational agenda by our project.Long Term Advanteges Of Our Project-Our participants are going to be deliberate and sample young people who know the importance of wastage. - Brotherhood connection is going to be stronger. -They are going to break the prejudies down. -They are not going to fritter away and will sharw their knowledge about wastage with other people from their country.So that,they will make an economic contribution for their country. - They are going to have a chance to know Erasmus+ , National Agency programmes closely and they'll feel the need of making their own projects. -By providing disadvantage young people with opportunity,they're going to be a part of social life and they''ll be supported for their self-improvements.

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