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Try walking in my shoes
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Try walking in my shoes" is addressed to students of primary and secondary school. The direct target group will consist of about forty pupils aged 9-16 years and four foreign language teachers from each school. Indirect group will be all the students , teachers, parents and the local community. The results of the project that we plan to achieve are: album comparing traditions , Christmas cards, Tolerance dictionary, multimedia presentations, a film about the school, CDs with regional and popular music and billboard. To spread the project results, as well as the same promote the project the Internet will be used. In this way we want to reach the largest number of potential receivers both in our country and abroad. Through the use of modern information and communication technologies we plan to reach both individual students and the whole local and global community. The project will help to promote the school in the local environment and our region in the uniting Europe. Wanting to raise the language skills of students and to teach tolerance foreign language teachers made contact with foreign schools. The composition of the group reflects the diversity of Europe. Common tasks will develop and strengthen the professional competence of teachers involved in the project. In this project, five partner schools are going to raise the quality of European education by promoting common aims. Our intention is not only making students' language experiences more attractive, but also promoting the use of information technology to communicate at work on the project and to prepare the final product. It should be taken into account that the involvement of information technology , especially the web and social networking sites , the students will become the center of inforamtion exchange and will be able to remain in constant contact with their peers from other schools. The maintenance of contacts, established during the project, will be the expected long-term effect . The main aim of the project "Try walking in my shoes " is the interest in the child's world. By getting to know the partner countries it will shape the attitudes of openness to other cultures and overcome prejudices and stereotypes , as well as improve language skills. The realization of the project arises from the need of equal educational opportunities for students from rural areas, small towns , where children do not have such a large range of opportunities for education , recreation or entertainment as their peers in large cities. The project will shape students' beliefs that children are similar everywhere, have similar interests , regardless of where they live - belong to the European community , moreover, the respect to multiculturalism will be created. The subject of the project is very important because every young person , regardless of age , country of origin , social status or skin colour wants to be accepted and would be a valuable man. The sooner we start the multicultural education of the child , teach tolerance to others, the better he/she will be prepared to function in contemporary environments . By participating in the project the awareness of belonging to the local, national and European community will evolve. Teachers are aware that only through appropriate interaction with parents , the local community the success can be achieved- the participation in the project will have considerable impact on the integration and common activities to stimulate all of the groups . Within the cooperation between schools trips will be held, thank to that, the participants will learn about the history ,seek common roots and learn tolerance. The abroad stay will be great language experience. The participants will have the unique opportunity to communicate freely and spontaneously with people from all over the world. Using English language every day they will enrich their vocabulary. First of all, students as young Europeans , will get to know other cultures and learn tolerance. The project will positively affect the image of the school which will help to increase the quality of the school , the town and the nation. Students will acquire the key skills needed for further learning and life : the ability to plan and evaluate activities ,present the results of their own work, group coopereation and communication skills. Students, teachers and parents wil learn about the realities of other countries , and through direct contacts with foreign partners break the stereotypes . Participation in the Erasmus + project will benefit all participants. The long-term result will be the change in the attitudes of students towards cultural diversity. Taking part in projects with European dimension is the necessity to build the highest level of education in our school.
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