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TRIS 2016: Turismo Ricreativo Innovativo e Sostenibile - nuovi profili professionali nell’orizzonte ECVET per favorire l’apprendimento, il riconoscimento dei Learning Outcomes e l’occupabilità dei giovani nel turismo sociale ed accessibile.
Start date: Nov 30, 2016, End date: May 29, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project TRIS 2016 is promoted by the Consortium VET represented by a Social Cooperative located in Campania, a VET Agency located in Piemonte and a network of technical and professional Secondary School located in Calabria.Direct beneficiaries of the project are 99 VET Learners.The intervention has been implements according to a specific sectorial approach.Thanks to the VET partners,it was possible to identify the needs in the sectors of tourism and hospitality for facilitating a more easy and stable professional inclusion of the participants into the labor market.The project is designed in the context out bonded by 2 Region in the South of Italy, Calabria and Campania and 1 in northern Italy, the Piedmont. In fact, some analysis conducted on this sector, even though indicating clearly a low and inadequate investment in new technologies, showed a good growth in terms of employment opportunities. Furthermore,the complex and critical situation of the labor market in the Calabria and Campania region, together with the geographical position, that looks isolated from the rest of Europe, indicates that thetransnational mobility actions are largely needed especially for young Learners. They have, in fact,few opportunities to get experience, or sometimes they don’t have opportunities at all, and then they can’t make comparison with other European companies during their training path.Moreover, the lack of experience in the company reduces the possibility of entering the labor market. For these reasons, the partnership intends to promote the project TRIS 2016, with the aim – according to the strategy Europe2020 – to create an opportunity for reflecting on the professional perspectives of the VET Learners, by the creation of a professional path able to integrate the aim of the valorization of individual knowledge and skills with the creation of a business functional to a social and economic growth of the territory; to expand the range of possible opportunities of career for the learners, helping them to find new ways of using their skills in activities able to fully realize their human, technical and professional vocation; to stimulate andto promote the entrepreneurial culture.The specific needs of the target group could be summarized into the framework of the Calabria and Campania Regions and conducted to the lack of specific professions in the rising sector that the local partnership has been pointed up the following professional figures as the main needed into the local labor market: Food/Hospitality operatorSocial Tourist Promotion Board operatortourist guide.More specifically, the target group can be bounded by:Short Mobility (3 weeks)-65 VET Learners (apprentices/Learners of VET Consortium) and 5 accompanying Long Mobility (3 months)-34 VET Learners (recent graduates/qualified/ apprentices who have finished - no longer than 1 year- the dual training pathway).The project will last 18 months and foresees the following plan:WP1 PLANNING AND PROMOTION (Dec 16/ Jan 17)WP2 PROJECT MANAGEMENT ( Dec 2016/May 2018)WP3 SELECTION, PREPARATION AND MOBILITY ACTIONS (Feb2017/May2018)WP4 EVALUATION, COMPETENCES' VALIDATION AND DISSEMINATION OF RESULTS (Jun 2017/May 2018)WP5 FOLLOW UP (after project ending)Mobility actions will be realized during the year 2017/2018 in Spain, Lithuania, Poland.Expected outcome are: 1.Implement successful mobility actions, respecting objectives, plan time and costs2.Improve participant’s transversal and specific competences; then validate and certificate acquired ones3.Contribute to personal growth and social integration of participants4.Provide specialized employees as per the requirement of the local partnership;facilitating the selection process of the local enterprises operating in the targeted sectors (hotel/catering)5.Implement agreed placement programs, allowing the host enterprises to increase their productivity and improve their performances in the international market6.Improve performances and the imagine (at a local and international level) of the VET Consortium.7.Dissemination of ECVET in the Italian IeFP system.Benefits: development of training methodologies and innovative learning plans;development of partnerships between VET institutions, businesses and individuals active in the tourism / hospitality, reduce school drop-out rate foster employability of participants, reduce youth unemployment rates in the Calabria and Campania Region improve performance and innovation of local touristic SMEs, develop the culture of entrepreneurship and business creation in the social tourism, cultural and environmental, internationalization of the training courses implement by VET Consortium.Expected impact: Development of Tourism Sector;Regional Development; Involvement of local institutions,stakeholders and the social partners (local and transnational);Implement ECVET in the Italian IeFP system, cooperation and exchange of good practice between North-South.

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