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TRIM – Trade Management Implementation

Based on the lack of an international vocational training concept for SMEs of trade sector, the TRIM project aims at implementing the results of a previous LdV project “TRAM project” adapting them into existing vocational training programs of the countries involved: Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden. This previous project is based on the International Trade Management Concept – ITM which consists of vocational training on three levels, a virtual learning platform for knowledge exchange and networking and a virtual international trade network for career and business. By this dissemination and valorisation of previous results the project will encounter the need for a standardised training in export for SMEs’ personnel and also contribute to competitiveness and growth of SMEs of trade sector. The results expected by the project are represented by a handbook/guidance on how to run the ITM concept in each country and create a European Diploma in Trade Management to be recognized world-wide; create a European Trade Management Association to establish a dialogue between the labour market and trade training organisations. Throughout the handbook and the European Certification the project will contribute to improve quality in VET of trade field. In order to assure a good valorisation of project’s results, a professional experienced and dedicated academic institution will be subcontracted to develop a market plan to commercialize results. Target groups are represented by employed export personnel in trade sector’s SMEs, and unemployed.
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