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TRET - Training in Renewable Energy Technologies

In view of the EU strategy to double the share of energy consumption from renewable sources from 6% to 12% by 2010, the TRET project will undertake a survey of training and management needs in renewable energy development. It will also create information and training tools to assist decision-making regarding the introduction of renewable energy technologies. Managers and workers in the energy and environment sector as well as vocational training bodies are expected to benefit. Products in eight languages (BG, EN, DE, CZ, FR, EL, IT & ES) will include a dedicated website, containing the survey results, as well as other research findings and guidelines, a training handbook, information leaflets and a multimedia best practice guide to include video clips from each of the participating countries. Results will further be made available on paper and on CD-Rom. The training handbook will cover market and technological assessment, risk assessment, financial assessment and investment planning in relation to different types of renewable energy. Development will be undertaken through collaboration between training/research organisations and industrial firms. Outcomes will be promoted via national and international seminars, trade fairs, press coverage, mailings and presentations to vocational training bodies and professional associations in the energy, agriculture, industrial and national and local government sectors.
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