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TREND - Territoires et Régions ensemble pour le développement local. Actions pour valoriser les partenariats territoriaux dans la programmation régionale (TREND)
Start date: Apr 30, 2005, End date: Jul 30, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The regions involved in TREND have objective 1 or objective 2 regions within their territories. This means that, to varying degrees, they need to improve economic, social and employment aspects of their territories in order to reach the cohesion objectives decided upon at European level. In Spain and in Italy, the regional programming for local development financed by the SF has been directed towards 1) regional and local strategic planning through intense social dialogue, 2) the promotion of investments financed by public enterprises and people, in order to solve pre-defined development problems, 3) the use of cooperation methods for programming at regional level. In particular, the partner regions agree on the need to support local-level commitment, where there is active participation in regional-level programming decision-making, on the need to combine sectorial regional policies in a complex common project, to promote local resources and to stimulate local, regional, national and European cofinancing Overall objective / Objectif général TREND is an interregional cooperation project among objective 1 and 2 territories (Sicily,Tuscany, Balearic Islands, Galicia, Crete and Malta). Keeping the experiences of partner regions in mind, TREND encourages the joint development of new programming and regional governance models, addressed at local level, which promote actions for its development and the participation of territorial partners in the framework of the Structural Funds programme. In order to meet the general objective of the project, the interregional partners have decided to invest in the following actions: 1. innovation and dissemination of the culture of programming and cooperation; 2. promotion of exchange and training actions between regional civil servants; 3. testing new approaches/instruments with the participation of a wide range of territorial partners in order to develop a suitable regional governance model. Expected results / Résultats attendus Long term results and impacts: improved management and accounting procedures among partners, increased transfer of good practices from one region to another, increased fulfillment of concepts, procedures and instruments, improved programming culture, development of learning and cooperation capacities, improvement of regional programming whilst bearing in mind the objectives of Lisbon (technological development, information society and sustainable development), improved management of regional programmes in objective 1 and 2, improved participation of the interregional cooperation process candidate countries and in their development within the EU, improved procedures regarding use of the SF, increased establishment of relations between the territories and their people, increase in participants´ satisfaction ratings (exchange activity).

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