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Treasure and hunt your job
Start date: Nov 1, 2014, End date: May 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „Treasure and hunt your job” is a direct result of the collaboration between partners from a previous project called „Your skills, your interview, your job” an youth exchange financed by Youth in action programme. The partners met within the frame of a international appetiser and they got the chance to share their experiences in previous projects. In this way they stopped over the subject of employability of youth and the young people dificulties in choosing a suitable professional career and job. Following technological revolution and globalisation a new socio-economical landscape came into existence based on hypercompetitiveness that in turn transformed organizations approach to work and raised the standards of activities in all the economic sectors. New types of jobs were created that weren’t cover by the educational system. Companies started to ask more and more from their employees, job requirements became more and more complex, all this in a context in which the educational system failed to keep the pace with the diversity and complexity of the new created jobs. That led to a big gap between workfield expectations and workforce abilities, that in turn led to lack of self-confidence and ultimately to a decrease of the self-esteem levels in the workforce, especially young people. To minimize the gap between job requirements and perceived ability to fulfill those requirements we believe that a shift of focus is necessary to intrinsec qualities of the person and of the work itself in order to suficiently motivate a person to believe and to undertake the effort of fulfilling the job requirements. Therefore, the members of the project team had the idea of a project meant to help and inspire trust to young people to identify and choose the professional career they desire by shifting the focus from the fulfillment of the asked requirements to the intrinsec qulities of the individual and of the work itself. Analyzing the young’s needs and debating with partners following specific objectives were established: • During the nine days of activities 30 participants and 50 young people from the target group will be guided in order to help them to discover three personal inner qualities and to identify minimum two professional directions that will be suited for these qualities, ensuring more options regarding professional orientation and greater levels of self-confidence and self-esteem • Participants and young people from the target group will be guided to identify minimum three intrinsec characteristics of work ensuring premises for a healthy approach toward the work process itself, regardless of the domain of activity • 30 participants will integrate practical knowledge about communication process (verbal, non-verbal, para-verbal) and how to eficiently prepare a Curriculum Vitae and for the interview, ensuring a better degree of employability In order to ensure fulfillment of these objectives, a nine days course was planned and organized in which participants: • Participants will be helped to better explore themselves and their qualities, to develop new positive attitudes toward work, will learn new communication and presentation skills key comptences through non-formal methods • Participants will plan, organize and implement a treasure hunt exercise for the young people from local community in order to further pass their teachings The results will be diseminated on channels that mainly address them selves to educational field, from pupils till teachers, such as school publications, pupil’s magazines etc. The project team’s target on the long term is to determine decision factors from other educational institutions to take actions and try to replicate the results of the project bringing awareness on the importance of the topic.
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