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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project has been chosen as we are aware of the influence between languages and cultures which are strongly connected with our students learning process and the effectiveness and quality of their labor and their future. Our students need to understand how languages diversify over time and can be influenced by others by loanwords and reborrowing words. Starting with neighboring countries we will try to include as many countries and languages as we can. The participants of the project are three public schools from neighboring countries, different but with common characteristics and good reputation. All three plan to develop the social skills and knowledge of their students and provide them with opportunities to evolve themselves to become productive European citizens. The Orthodox patriarchate in Istanbul, university professors, local authorities and community centers contribute to this ultimate aim. In order to increase our students motivation, to improve their ways to socialize and involve them to the use of ICT, they will participate in presentations, competitions, drama performances and collaborative creative writing accomplishments. We would like to strengthen their sense of initiative by teaching them to transform ideas into actions, thus developing skills and abilities necessary for the world of labor, i.e. through their work for the e-journal. This is the reason we are keen to develop learning materials and tools which will support study at home as well as promote distance learning, i.e. web-quests, multilingual lexicon providing them with tools for lifelong learning. For the dissemination of the project outcomes and all the learning materials produced on the topic of the project we will set up notice boards, construct a website, organize multilingual exhibitions, produce audiovisual materials, prepare presentations and print stamps on t-shirts and posters. Teachers will improve their professional skills in the area of education and project management as well as in evaluating methods, as they will be enabled to work collaboratively, developing and evaluating methodologies and educational material, producing questionnaires, writing reports and attending webinars. Students will learn about the historical and geographical background of the participating countries and feel independent and confident if they decide to study or work in another European country and their families will realize the importance of collaborating in learning process and overcoming the difficulties, developing a better understanding for the importance of a united Europe in times of globalization. The "learning by doing" method will be used, and evaluation will take place throughout the life of the project. The website of the program will be active even after the end of the project and will be continuously enriched, good practices will be incorporated in our lessons for future students and new projects could start by adding other partners too, who will bring new experiences. Furthermore the culture of our students will be affected orienting them in international collaboration schemes. We firmly believe that this will be a lifetime opportunity for those who may never have a chance to meet with people abroad, collaborate using a foreign language or even to visit another European country.
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