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Traveler between wor(l)ds: Interactive App for fostering reading Competence of multilingual Pupils
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  ONGOING 

The objective of this project is to improve literacy skills of multilingual children, who use one language at school and another language at home. The project will develop two main products aimed at achieving this goal: an interactive application for children called "Traveller between worlds" and a web page for teachers and parents "Multilingual Europe". The partnership is formed by 8 European organizations from different sectors, all necessary for the successful completion of the project: a programming company, three schools, University, a publisher, an NGO active in the Europe-wide promotion of multilingualism, as well as a PR-agency. Partners come from 5 countries: Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Lithuania. This project proposal was based on a jointly identified need to create an interesting and innovative tool for fostering multiliteracy of migrant children. Current methodologies and materials are comparatively traditional and do not meet the educational priorities of the EU or quality standards expected. The partners have a high motivation for the development of such tools, as they have been working for years in the field of language education, promotion of languages as well as the development of various activities to foster multilingualism and assist multilingual families.The project activities include the development of the app "Traveller between worlds" and the web page "Multilingual Europe" as well as an awareness raising campaign for teachers, stakeholders, parents, and the general public. Main target groups of the project are multilingual children, their teachers and parents. Target groups will be included in project activities from the beginning on and throughout the project, contributing to relevant and high-quality products. Main project results:- Application "Traveller between worlds" in 6 languagesThe app is created as a motivational tool to help children start the journey into multiliteracy. It will be based on an engagingly written stories, which will be interlaced with playful activities such as riddles, puzzles, word games, quizes etc. The app is based on the Content and Language integrated learning principles. With the use of the app, children will at the same time improve their literacy, science, ICT and cultural skills. The tool will contribute to the availability of OER in six languages, including LWULs. Many interactive features will make the app valuable for even a wider range of users than our own target group. - Web site "Multilingual Europe" in 6 languagesThe website will be built in order to promote our language application and multilingual education in general. It will contain information about the advantages of multilingual education in school and at home, didactic-methodology for the use of the app in classrooms, tips for teachers and parents on how to implement multilingual education, a forum for teachers to exchange their experiences as well as useful links to European projects and policies concerning multilingual education.In general we expect an impact on the multiliteracy rate of multilingual children in Europe, more specifically higher motivation of children to become literate in their mother tongue, a higher level of competence (science, literacy, languages, ICT, culture) by the users, higher awareness of families to the possibility of multilingual upbringing, higher level of awareness of teachers for the possibilities of multilingual education, higher level of awareness of schools about the importance of literacy related ICT use and more awareness of policy makers of the potential of ICT-based material for bilingual kids. Additional value of the project presents the approach to include teachers as multipliers for spreading best practices in multilingual education and offering guidelines and tips tailored for the use of ICT-based learning materials in schools. With our project we would like to contribute to the developments in the field of ICT-based learning and digital reading. Our partnerships expertise and interdisciplinary know-how, combined with user-oriented development stages and professional marketing strategies will help us develop a product, that will become a relevant and innovative example of e-reading materials for fostering literacy of children.
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