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Traptautinė patirtis - paslaugų kokybės užtikrinimas
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project participants - 16 students from waiter and bartender, cook, hairdresser, sewing business services provider and trading enterprises assistant manager vocational training programmes during the practice in companies acquainted with high culture service, service business and practical communication skills. Students improved or gained new practical skills. Waiters and bartenders had opportunities to practice starters, main courses and desserts serving, communication with guests’ practical skills. Cooks learnt how to prepare different pastries, gained knowledge on how practically to prepare cakes, cookies, pastries and acquainted with the decorating techniques. Hairdressers became familiar with hair cutting way selection, modelling hairstyles - hair straightening, curling, learnt how to choose the style of haircut, and got acquainted with the use of materials and tools. Sewing business service provider got acquainted with the range of household products, window decorating materials and accessories, design - innovative modelling, sewing technology. During the placement students learnt of different fabrics, colors and structures compatibility, window decorating trends, according to the style of the room and creating a harmonious atmosphere, household products (curtains, bedspreads, and cushions) design - modelling methodologies. Trading enterprises assistant manager improved foreign language skills; will be able effectively to deliver products and services, to learn the art of negotiation. They gained practical experience how to make relationship with suppliers and customers. Vocational programmes teachers (cook, hairdresser, sewing business service provider and trading enterprises assistant manager) improved the quality of teaching and upgraded their technological competencies. The aim of the project was to develop professional competencies of waiter/ bartender, cook, hairdressing, tailoring business services provider and trading enterprises assistant manager profession students and teachers as well as to ensure service area staff vocational training quality and prestige. The main objective of the project we achieved through the following tasks: 1. Introducing waiter and bartender profession students with hospitality company a customer service standards and to gain effective communication with the customer and customer service practical experience. 2. Introducing students of cookers’ profession with confectionery manufacturing technologies and to acquire with the raw material preparation, production process, using equipment and tools, practical skills. 3. Introducing sewing business service providers with household articles of clothing companies and to acquire with the home textile products design, development, sewing knowledge and practical skills. 4. Introducing hairdressers with haircut modelling principles and to gain variety of hairstyles modelling techniques and practical decorating skills. 5. Introducing trade enterprises assistant managers with the styles of selling different items, negotiation culture and to gain customer service, practical counselling skills. 6. Introducing students with professional knowledge of foreign languages, intercultural communication competence, to get acquainted with the culture of work in foreign companies. Students and teachers’ skills recognized by both sending and host organizations. Europass Mobility document issued and informed project participants of their international experience as well as provided information on their knowledge and skills. Summarizing the results of the practical tasks certificate in English issued by the host organization. We achieved the following results: • 16 participants -waiter and bartender, cook, hairdressing, sewing business services provider and trading enterprises assistant manager professions students - acquired professional knowledge and general skills; • 4 vocational teaching programmes teachers acquired professional competences; • 20 project participants-students and teachers- acquired international mobility experience, improved spoken foreign language skills; • Updated the waiter and bartender, cook, hairdresser, sewing business services provider and trading enterprises assistant manager vocational training programmes subject’s content; • New teaching / learning material prepared by teachers. • Individual task prepared by students. • Event "Craft Fair".
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