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Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Oct 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

TRANSYLVANIAN CIVIL SERVICE is a youth mobility of EVS developed by a consortium of five organizations from Programme Countries: - Wild Carpathia (coordinating organization and hosting of RO) - SEIKLEJATE VENNASKOND (sending organization of EE) - Vicolocorto (sending organization in IT) - Canakkale Koza Genclik Dernegi (sending organization in TR) - BUILDING BRIDGES ASOCIACION (sending organization ES) The project consists of three activities: - APV: 4 to 5 July 2015 - Internship volunteer group: September 1, 2015 - January 31, 2016 - Internship volunteer group: February 2, 2016 - June 30, 2016 Each SO will send in stages by 2 EVS volunteers (1M + 1F). Each stage will be hosted in Sighisoara / RO. The project is calibrated so as to provide a context for learning for young experimental EE, IT, TR, ES mainly from NEETs, and on the other hand to respond to local needs of the community - the host identified by WILD CARPATHIA. Project objectives: 1. Within five months each transnational voluntary internship in Sighisoara / RO, among the 16 young NEETs in EE, IT, ES, PT: developing those transversal competences useful labor market integration 2. On a total duration of 12 months: developing an integrated program of local empowerment, with the active participation of at least 90 young people in Sighisoara / RO. Experimental activities that will develop EVS volunteers during their stay in Sighisoara are: 1. "E-Sighisoara" (a) e-promoting historic buildings in Sighisoara (mainly medieval historic area) by Wikipedia (and, if necessary, by attaching QR codes), in English and in their native languages EVS volunteers; (b) e-promoting positive opportunities for spending free time for volunteers who want to come in Sighisoara and Sighisoara specific transnational volunteering opportunities by Wikitravel, in lb English and native languages of EVS volunteers; (c) e-promoting interculturalism Sighisoara by making photo / video-interviews & collages inspired initiatives "6 billion Others" and "Humans of New York" and public posting them on the website of Wild Carpathia (centered around promoting community among those who want to develop transnational voluntary activities) EXAMPLES OF EXPERIMENTAL METHODS: experiments photo & video (including specific solutions programs for data processing photo / video / audio) simulation actions journalism (investigation report, interview etc.) e-collage, web-admin & design, workshops e-creation etc. 2. "Erasmus 4 Sighisoara" - Actions to promote volunteer opportunities transnational EVS among young people in Sighisoara and organizations accredited in the Programme Countries and Partner Countries of EXAMPLES OF EXPERIMENTAL METHODS: public events interactive to promote opportunities E + ("open cafe", "living library" intercultural evenings, workshops "lateral-thinking" / "mind-map", e-campaigns, "Creative Writing" "e-escape" e-posters, brochures etc email 3. "Green Sighisoara" (a) developing a campaign to promote selective collection of household waste and pollution abatement green spaces with household waste; (b) development of an interactive map e-polluted green areas and in the vicinity of Sighisoara EXAMPLES OF EXPERIMENTAL METHODS: development of selective recycling demonstration workshops, street actions of distributing trash bags for selective collection; "interactive e-map" (including photo-video presentations of places polluted with domestic waste "shares polluted cleaning public spaces with household waste and Posting of the importance of protecting the natural resource indicators, flash-mobs etc 4. "Sighisoara multilingual" - Interactive workshops Foreign Language (lb native volunteers) and non-formal exploration of European diversity EXAMPLES OF EXPERIMENTAL METHODS: drawing, karaoke, role play, interactive presentations, quizzes, "wor (l) d-puzzle", "dixit" etc. We anticipate that the impact of "a la longue" TCS will be charged in essence social and professional circumstances in which the 16 EVS volunteers will act as responsible individuals with initiative and learning acquired interculturala.Rezultatele opening stage will appreciate that the nature to help young people overcome the specific difficulties NEET category in terms of: -accelerarii transition to the labor market -deschiderii / motivation to continue learning by
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