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TransStar: raising transcultural, digital and multitranslational competences
Start date: 01 Jan 2013,

The project wants to promote less used European (in this case: Slavic) languages and less known cultures from the Central and East European regions in order to enlarge the “European mentalmap” which focuses on prominent cultures, mostly of Western Europe. European enlargement has been an impetus in drawing the new neighbours together, yet this has not been completely successful as the continued European debate on integration issues confirms. TransStar targets the following groups: (1) future cultural brokers; (2) institutions in the field of education and culture who act as multipliers for intercultural awareness; (3) individuals who have a special interest in CEEC cultures; (4) individuals who have to travel in Europe professionally and whose interest has to be incited. The cultural brokers will run through a diversified transcultural training in the context of 6 universities and 4 cultural institutions by taking part in 9 translation workshops, 2 network meetings and several online activities. With the intercultural training the cultural brokers will reach out to target groups 3 and 4. Further results will be the implementation of new practice-orientated modules of transcultural training at the participating universities (target group 2), a multilingual multimedia-based information and exchange platform for all target groups and, finally, the project will be a model for good practice in intercultural exchange for cultural and educational institutions, trying to overcome unbalanced power relations between cultures.The increased intercultural dialogue inspired by the project will not only work against stereotypes, but also lead to a higher level of mobility, advocate social cohesion and overcome mental borders. The plus factor of TransStar is its multilateral approach which reaches out to different target groups in order foster interchange, cooperation and mobility between universities, cultural institutions and individuals.
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