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Transport und Logistik in Europa
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since 2011 the Commercial Vocational College of Augsburg, has offered mobility projects for their apprentices. So far the school organized 3 flows to GB and 2 flows to Spain. All these programmes have been accomplished. As our school is acting within the dual system we have got many big and middle-sized companies as our partners.. They are all working internationally. Freight forwarding agencies are very important for our area. Based on our geographical situation and the infrastucture of our region we have to meet the need for forwarding agencies and transport firms, which are acting nationally and internationally. As a result of this we have to satisfy the high demand of European mobility programs. Our project goals: We have to rise the standards of our apprentices regarding their international, personal and social competences. In addition linguistic competences have to be ameliorated. English being the language of communication has to be promoted and a basic knowledge of Spanish must be achieved. The cooperation with the partners, that means the companies in the dual system must be enforced and intensified, especially seen with the background of global networking. Contacts to foreign partners have to be created, a network has to be established. In the future participants as well as firms should be able to use this network . Knowledge about intern. processing of businesses regarding the logistic sector has to be acquired. Working in teams and building up teams with intern. partners has to be practised and self -esteem of participants needs to be enforced. We will send 30 participants to Vic. They will go there in 2 different flow and 2 consecutive years. The first flow will be in November 2015 and the second flow will be in November 2016.We will have participants attending their first and their second year of their apprenticship.. They come from the faculties of logistics or from the faculties of wholesale or industry when their companies, where they are working have their own little logistic departments. The participants have their GCSE in general studies or their A-levels. They have a good knowledge of Englisch. This time we would like to write our application for 30 students who are going to Vic for 2 weeks. However 2 of the participants should have the possibility to stay even longer, for another 2 weeks. During the time of their additional two weeks they have to accomplish a 2 weeks internship programs in one of the Spanish companies. So two of our 30 participants will stay in Spain for 4 weeks. We will have a preparation phase of 6 weeks. Participants will be prepared for their stay abroad. There will be 6 weekly meetings of two hours each. They are taught Spanish and will get the preparation for the international issues they require. There will also be team- building activities. The main activities in Vic will be the following: After having arrived at Vic we attend our partner institution on Monday. As our partner is active with many EU-supported programs and maintains many connections with other European countries we create a course, where students of Spain, France and Slowenia participate. We communicated with our Spanish partners the following program 1. 3 times per week we have a course in Spanish ab initio, mainly in the morning. There will be a final exam at the end of the weeks 2. Students will be working in groups of 3 to 4, to fulfill their project tasks. Each of the partners will contribute some tasks regarding the content. We will give them a study case where they will have to do some calculations.Spanish partners prepare tasks which refer to our visits of companies. As ports are economically so important for the region, different groups will examine 4 different ports They will have to work on the port´s customs clearance and how they are organized regarding their size and importance. They will have to present and compare their results in class. The ports they will have to investigate are Barcelona, Marseilles, Hamburg and Rotterdam. These common school activities will take place in the afternoon, after the Spanish course. 3. 2+ a week there will be visits to companies to gether with the whole international students´group. It is difficult to determine the definite companies at an early stage as it is always uncertain when the representative of personelle can receive us. However, we would like to visit Llet Pascual, the port of Barcelona, Area Guissona, San Miguel or VicTrans.Production methods, structures of logistic enterprises, the radius of their supplying distances, their national and intern. importance will be investigated. Each time groups of 4 deal with 1 firm and present it afterwards. 4. Presentations take place every 2 days. They are marked At the end evaluation is done Participants get a certificate + Europass There is a debriefing meeting for evaluation afterwards in Dec. Creating international competences of participants. Installation of longterm partnership
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